New Zealand makes a tough decision about air traffic with Australia
New Zealand makes a tough decision about air traffic with Australia

There is no doubt that the movement of air and the resumption of flights has become an absolute necessity, in order to restore tourism and revive the economy among most countries. Therefore, Australia and New Zealand have taken a new decision regarding the return of air traffic and the operation of tires between the two countries.

The world may wait some time for tourism and travel to return again, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, but some countries are trying to bring life back.

Politicians from Australia and New Zealand are discussing the possibility of opening borders to each other, and creating a travel corridor - or a "travel bubble" - between the two countries, according to CNN.

This comes, after the two countries completely closed their borders to tourists because of the new Corona virus last March, which is a strong blow against the tourism industry in the two countries.

With both countries controlling the outbreak of the Corona virus, the two countries are now discussing the possibility of opening aviation between them.

It is unclear when this "agreement" can become a reality, as the two countries still impose restrictions on domestic travel today, and all international arrivals are subject to a 14-day quarantine.

Travel industry experts say August is the time to run the trail, possibly just in time for the New Zealand ski season and school holidays in September.