Kuwait Stock Exchange
Kuwait Stock Exchange

Kuwait Stock Exchange indices rebounded in the first sessions of this week yesterday, and achieved great gains, especially for the "General" and "First" indices, but with limited liquidity and limited selling offers, especially for blue chips.

The general index ended with an increase of 1.35 percent, equivalent to 63.93 points, to close at 4810.37 points with limited liquidity compared to last week’s rates that did not exceed 20.1 million dinars, 82.7 million shares were exchanged through 5576 transactions, 109 shares were traded, of which 60 declined and 37 declined while 12 settled Without change.

The "First" index recorded a significant growth of 1.72 percent, equal to 87.89 points, to close at 5207.83 points, with decreasing liquidity, which stopped at 71.2 million dinars, traded about 55 million shares through 4044 transactions, 18 shares were traded, including 17 and only one share, Bank of Kuwait, declined The international company, after the stock has expired and the company has traded in cash for the previous year.

The gains of the "Main 50" index approached a percentage point equal to 38.72 points, to close at the level of 4018.27 points, with good liquidity, twice the liquidity of last Thursday's session, as it reached 2.5 million dinars, traded 23 million shares through 1201 transactions, 39 stocks were traded, of which 21 decreased and 13 prices decreased while 5 shares stabilized unchanged.

Buy on «operational»

The buying operations expanded, and after I was revolving around the shares in the first market, I have now started purchases on an eclectic group in the main market, the most prominent of which were the joint shares, Alafco, Al Jazeera, and the United Ahli United Bank, and Al Ahli Kuwaiti, which are still loaded with profits, while operations continued Soft buying on the leading stocks, from the beginning of the session until the end of the session, to support market indicators, especially the "first" from which only one share was lost, "International" after "stripping its profits", but the purchases took over the stock, while at the beginning of the session it fell to the level of 175 fils to return and record purchases And wide trades on the touch Z 179 fils.

Your home and national shares bounced strongly and after pressure two sessions lasted and he was unable to complete, especially that thinking during this period of the impact of these institutions as annual profits and distributions from the global economic declines and the outbreak of the Corona virus, and purchases increased on the rest of the shares in the first market such as Agility, Agility, Zain, Buildings and Petrochemical Gobin To finish the session green, you just need to pour in more liquidity, especially the expected prices.

On the other hand, the green color covered all the indicators of the financial markets in the Gulf Cooperation Council states, and the exception was the Muscat index only, which fell by 1 percent, while the UAE market index achieved great growth, nearly 2 percent, and the Qatar market index and the Saudi index gained rates close to 1 percent is also Kuwaiti, as mentioned above, and Bahrain’s index achieved limited growth, and oil prices were trading at the level of $ 28 for the Brent mix, while the pressure was doubling on American light crude, which settled at $ 18 a barrel, its lowest level in 20 years.