Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange
Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange

Everyone knows at the present time that the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, the UAE Stock Exchange, or the Emirates Stock Exchange has a very large field of investment and everyone is looking for information to it in order to start investing and trading in that exchange, due to the sake of achieving profit margin for all investors.

Everyone also knows that financial markets or stock exchanges in general are vulnerable to gain or loss, depending on the global economy.

If we touched on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, the trading session ended on Sunday, the beginning of the week’s sessions, with the general index of the Abu Dhabi Securities Market retreating by 0.02 per cent, losing 0.94 points to close at 5666 points.

The banking sector decreased by 0.45%, followed by the services sector by 0.16%.

Seven sectors on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange increased, on top of which was the manufacturing sector by 1.62%, followed by the building sector by 1.49%, followed by the protection provision sector by 0.33%, then the economy and material services sector by 0.31%, then the telecommunications sector by 0.20%, followed by the energy sector. By 0.20%.

On the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, 11 shares increased at its top, the share of "Ras Al Khaimah Ceramics Corporation" by 5.88%, then the share of "Oasis Capital Corporation" by 4.1%, then the share of "Ras Al Khaimah Corporation for White Cement and Construction Materials" at a rate of 2.56%.

14 shares fell on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, to its top, "Oman and Emirates Investment Holding Corporation" by 5%, then share of "Abu Dhabi National Takaful Corporation" by 4.86%, then share of "Abu Dhabi Ship Building Corporation" at a rate of 4.68%.

"Aldar Real Estate Corporation" topped the list of the most active according to cost, reaching 225.8 1,000,000 dirhams, and the share increased by 1.63%.