The Saudi stock market
The Saudi stock market

The general index in the Saudi stock market "TASI", at the end of the trading session on Friday, the end of the current week's sessions, decreased by 0.1%, losing 8.65 points to close at 8236.17 points.

In a disassociated economic context, the Parallel Market Index - growth by 3.85%, gained about 537.43 points, to close at 14509.83 points, and trading operations reached 407.3 million shares, worth 10.1 billion riyals.

Seven sectors decreased in the Saudi market during today's trading, on top of which was the food retail sector by 2.81%, followed by the pharmaceutical sector by 2.03%, in several public utilities sector by 0.52%, then the communications sector by 0.43%, then the banking sector by 0.34%, After that, the basic materials and long-term commodities sectors increased by 0.23% and 0.14%, respectively.

While the investment and finance sector increased by 1.92%, then the insurance sector by 1.57%, then the media and entertainment sector by 1.07%, then the luxury goods retail sector by 0.89%, then the transport sector by 0.84%, then the capital goods sector by 0.71%, then The health care sector by 0.60%.

110 shares rose during the trading session today, Friday, and it was led by "Al-Saqr Insurance" by 10%, then by "Al-Watania" by 9.98%, then by "Al-Ahlia" by 9.97%, while 76 shares fell, led by the "Abdullah Al-Othaim Market" By 3.03%, then share "BCI" by 2.91%, then share "sponsorship" by 2.28%, while the "fish" share topped the list of the most active by value and amounted to 1.1 billion Saudi riyals.

On the other hand, Raydan Food Company revealed that it offered to sell raw lands (not built upon construction) owned by the company to Khalid Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, at a value of 1.14 million Saudi riyals.