UAE stocks
UAE stocks

Thanks to the recent decisions of the rational and rational Emirati government, the display screens are greening so that all citizens of the Emirates and all expatriates and foreigners are happy.

The green color space in the UAE expanded on all display screens within the financial markets during a one-day trading session before the last of the week’s transactions, despite the disparate closing decision for all general indicators, amid the continued entry of institutional liquidity that is still concentrated on a slice of selected stocks, as it strengthens Makaseb’s balance. The market value of the shares of traded companies, by 3.4 billion dirhams, at the close of transactions.

In a related economic context, the Dubai Financial Market index came back during today's trading in order to test the break of the levels it gave up in the middle of this week, after it increased again to the level of 2285 points, an increase of 0.93%, while the general index of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange was closed. Finance is at 4490 points, down very limited compared to the previous day.

In addition to that, there is a segment of the Takaful insurance shares, which returned once again to the practice of rising and strong competition. Some real estate and bank shares have regained their activity again, which strengthened the market's gains, as the “AMAN” share listed on the Dubai Financial Market rose to the maximum allowed Almost throughout the day, it reached about 1.16 dirhams, while the “Takaful House” share closed at 1.04 dirhams.

The share of "Emaar" also witnessed a significant increase, reaching AED 2.92, and "Emaar Development" of 2.47 dirhams.

Regarding the banking sector, the share of Dubai Islamic Bank rose to 4.30 dirhams, while Aramex’s share continued its very large jumps, reaching 4.12 dirhams.

During today's trading in the Abu Dhabi Securities Market, the share of the International Holding Company continued to increase to 37.90 dirhams, as well as the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank rose to 4.11 dirhams, while the share of "ADNOC Distribution" witnessed a very strong activity amounting to about 3.47 dirhams, in addition to a share Abu Dhabi Ship Building at 2.60 dirhams and Agthia at 3.49 dirhams.

On the financial level, the value of deals concluded in the UAE market reached about 570 million dirhams, while the number of traded shares reached 292 million shares, executed through 5980 deals.