Trading screen on the Abu Dhabi Financial Market
Trading screen on the Abu Dhabi Financial Market

The markets in the UAE during the Greek dealings achieved weekly gains during the sessions of the first week of Ramadan, with gains of 33.67 billion dirhams ($ 9.16 billion), amid continued optimism about the incentives launched by the UAE government to mitigate the damage of the crisis and the repercussions of the emergence of the emerging Corona virus, according to analysts.

In a related context, the Vice President of the Investment Research Department at "KAMCO Invest", Raed Diab, revealed to "Mubasher" that the UAE markets have maintained their positive performance and recovered from their lowest levels in years.

Raed Diab added that the UAE financial markets were able to end the week's trading on an increase in tone of optimism and confidence with the measures to prevent Corona virus.

Diab pointed out that the partial resumption of economic activity in some commercial centers in Dubai, while adhering to the precautionary measures in the face of the virus, will revive the UAE markets and stocks.

Diab said the financial analyst that the low prices reached by many stocks helped to attract investors and start building new centers.

He pointed out that the recovery of oil prices in the last period from the low levels reached by the positive impact on the markets.

The market value of Abu Dhabi shares achieved a value of 469.89 billion dirhams at the end of the monthly transactions, compared to 448.86 billion dirhams at the end of last March, with market profits of 21.03 billion dirhams ($ 5.72 billion).

The market value of Dubai shares at the end of the week was about 290.9 billion dirhams, compared to its level at the end of the previous week at 278.26 billion dirhams, with market gains of 12.64 billion dirhams ($ 3.44 billion).