Saudi education officially announces new subjects starting next year.. Get to know them


Saudi education, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, education attaches great importance to the development of society and building a better future, and within the framework of efforts to improve the education system, the Saudi Ministry of Education recently announced the addition of new subjects in the educational curricula starting from the next academic year, and this step is considered part of the ongoing efforts To develop education in the Kingdom.

New materials in Saudi education

Study plans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been developed to include new subjects aimed at enhancing knowledge and developing students’ skills. Below is a list of the new subjects that have been announced:

Earth and space sciences

This course highlights the study of Earth and space and includes topics related to planets, stars, celestial bodies, geological formation, climate and the space environment.

artificial intelligence

This course aims to introduce students to the concept of artificial intelligence and its applications in daily life and various industries. Students will learn about artificial intelligence technologies and their impact on society.

Software Engineering

This course focuses on the concepts and foundations of software engineering and software development in effective and systematic ways, which will help students acquire the necessary skills to develop high-quality computer programs.

Cyber ​​security

This course aims to enhance students’ security awareness, familiarize them with the basics of cybersecurity, identify threats and challenges related to the Internet, and how to protect personal data and sensitive information.

health care

This course covers the concepts of health, personal care and hygiene and the importance of good hygiene practices. Students will learn how to take care of their personal health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

body systems

This course helps students understand the human body system and its various organs and their functions. Students will learn about human anatomy and physiology and how to maintain a healthy body.

principles of law

This course introduces concepts and principles of law and the legal system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Students will learn about their rights and duties and the basics of civil and criminal law.

Event management

This course focuses on the concepts and foundations of managing and organizing events in effective and creative ways. Students will learn how to plan, organize and coordinate to hold successful events.

Marketing campaign planning

This course will help students understand the concepts and fundamentals of planning and implementing successful marketing campaigns. Students will learn how to use marketing strategies to promote products and services.

Saudi Education announces the addition of new subjects

In addition to the above-mentioned subjects, some other subjects in Saudi education have also been added, including:

Additional memorization in the Holy Quran

This course aims to enhance the memorization of the Holy Quran among students and teach them recitation and interpretation.

Saudi education launches “self-defense” course

This course focuses on enhancing security awareness and teaching students self-defense and personal safety skills.

Critical thinking material

This course aims to teach students the skills of critical thinking, analysis and making the right decisions.

Technology subject in kindergarten

This course focuses on teaching students the basic concepts of technology and its use in Kindergarten.

The impact of new materials in Saudi education

New subjects in Saudi education present exciting opportunities for development and holistic learning. The effect of these substances can be as follows:

Develop skills and knowledge

New subjects provide opportunities for students to develop skills and knowledge in important modern and future areas.

Promote critical thinking and innovation

New materials enhance students’ abilities in critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation.

Support interest in modern and future fields

The new materials help direct students’ interest towards emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and software engineering, supporting future directions for education and the labor market.

Developing communication and cooperation skills in Saudi education

New materials promote communication and collaboration among students through collaborative projects and group activities.

Finally, the addition of new subjects in Saudi education is an important step towards improving the education system and developing the skills and knowledge of students. Through these subjects, comprehensive learning can be enhanced and students are prepared to face future challenges.

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