The Eid leave begins on the 22nd of Ramadan, and Thursday is the deadline for retirement applications


The Saudi Ministry of Education indicates that the deadline for submitting retirement applications for male and female teachers in educational positions for the next academic year 1445 AH ends on Thursday, the 22nd of Ramadan. The electronic “Fares” system must be used to submit applications. The system also provides the opportunity for applicants to retract the application before it is officially approved.

Retirement requirements include active service of 25 years or more. Teachers who submitted retirement applications this year must submit them in their last shift, which will be on the last day of the current academic year 1444 AH, i.e. the fourth day of Dhu al-Hijjah. Official decisions have been issued for these requests.

The Saudi Ministry of Education: The importance of submitting a retirement application in a timely manner

Submitting a request for retirement in a timely manner helps to plan for the future of the teacher in a better way, and to focus on a new stage in his personal and professional life. And when the teacher submits a request for retirement in a timely manner, he can better obtain the benefits available to him, including subsidies and health and social insurance.

In addition, retirement allows male and female teachers to focus on their personal interests, among these interests, forgiveness, self-development and reduce the level of stress they are exposed to due to hard work in teaching jobs.

When they retire, they can enjoy the time they spend with their family and friends and do the activities they love. They can also focus on achieving their personal goals, developing their personal skills, and taking advantage of other job opportunities that may become available to them after retirement. This helps teachers to relax, enjoy life and live better in the post-retirement phase.

The date of the Eid al-Fitr holiday for students and teachers

When it comes to students, administrative and educational staff, the blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday will start after the end of work on Thursday, corresponding to the 22nd of Ramadan, and will continue until the fifth of the month of Shawwal, and then schools will be returned on the sixth of Shawwal to complete the third semester.

Students will have the opportunity to rest and relax during this period, while the administrative and educational staff will use this time to rest, relax and spend time with their families.

For students, it is important to do their best to complete their lessons and complete their homework before the start of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday, so that they can enjoy the holiday without any study pressure.

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