Models of performance tasks for the fourth grade of primary school, second term 2023, vocational skills


Performing tasks models for the fourth grade of primary school, second term 2023, vocational skills subject. Yes, performing tasks is one of the tools used in evaluating fourth grade students, and it was developed by the Ministry of Education in the last academic year 2021-2022.

These tasks aim to train students to deal with exams and include them in the grades they obtain at the end of the academic year. The performance tasks for the fourth grade, second term 2023, were presented in the following constitution, as they help in developing professional skills among students.

Developing students’ professional skills is very important, as these skills help them improve their future performance and increase their chances of getting better job opportunities.

Finally, students must prepare well for performance tasks and deal with them seriously and focus so that they can achieve the desired results and improve their general level.

Performance tasks for the fourth grade of primary school, second term 2023

The performance tasks constituted one of the assessment tools applied to fourth grade students, which was developed by the Ministry of Education for the academic year 2021-2022.

Performance tasks consist of tests that are conducted before the end of each semester, and constitute an important percentage of the total students’ grades during the academic year. This aims to measure the extent to which students acquire skills during the academic year 2022-2023, and to assess students’ understanding of learning outcomes.

Teachers trained students for exams and motivated them to acquire the necessary professional skills. Social media platforms published performance task models to facilitate student training on them.

The nature of the task required is clarified to the student by the teacher, and the student performs the task in the last session during the regular school day without the need for exam committees or a seat number.

The evaluation is divided into 3 exams per semester, in addition to grades for performance tasks and students’ attendance. 60 marks are allocated for exams, 35 marks for performance tasks, and 5 marks for attendance, bringing the total score for each subject to 100 marks.

Performance task forms 4 primary

Some teachers have published models of performing tasks for the fourth grade of primary school on social media platforms with the aim of helping students practice them and facilitating the solution of performing tasks in school. The constitution provides some examples of these tasks.

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