Mustafa Bakri thanks the speaker and members of the Senate for eulogizing his brother Mahmoud – Al-Nasr Newspaper


The death is a great loss for the world of journalism and politics in Egypt. Egypt lost one of its most prominent pillars in the press, and a loyal deputy to the people, with the death of the late MP Mahmoud Bakri. All branches of the government and parliament were deeply saddened by the loss of this leader, who had an important role in defending the rights of citizens and developing the country.

A valuable legacy of journalistic and political giving

Mahmoud Bakri’s journey was not just an ordinary departure, but rather a valuable legacy of journalistic and political giving. Mahmoud Bakri was born into a family of journalists, as he was influenced by his father, the prominent journalist Mustafa Bakri, who had a great influence in directing him towards this field. Thanks to his journalistic training and education, Mahmoud Bakri was distinguished by his professionalism and dedication to his field of work.

Pioneering journalism and active political contribution

Through his professional career, Mahmoud Bakri has been able to elevate himself to great heights in the world of journalism. He participated in the founding of many important media institutions, and established a successful newspaper and magazine, in which he presented articles and investigations that deserved attention and appreciation. Bakri was also able to convey the truth and inform the public about the events with clarity and objectivity.

Mahmoud Bakri was a true representative of the people, as he sympathized and cooperated with the people and was active in solving their problems and providing them with support. Bakri was able to contribute to drafting laws and making decisions that serve the interest of the people and promote development in various fields. Thanks to his solid stances and continuous efforts.

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