The real details behind the assault of a high school student by ripping off the face of his classmate, “Qatar” in Qalyubia


Cases of violence are increasing among young people in various societies, and these incidents pose a threat to the safety of students inside schools. In one of these incidents, a high school student in Qalyubia was brutally assaulted, disfiguring his face and seriously wounding him.

The incident of assaulting a student in Qalyubia

This horrific incident took place in a secondary school in Shubra Al-Kheima, after the students’ exams were over. A quarrel began between the injured student and his classmate because of some joking, and suddenly the verbal altercation developed into an exchange of beatings, and one of them stabbed the other using a white weapon known as a “cutter.” The student was transferred The injured person should be immediately taken to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment.

Details of confessions before the prosecution

After the arrest of the accused of assault, he was interrogated by the Public Prosecution Office, where he gave his testimony and detailed confessions about the incident. The accused confirmed that he was joking with his colleague after the end of the exams, and that a verbal altercation began between them as a result of the escalation of the banter, and a number of passers-by tried to separate them from each other.

However, things developed and the accused used the “cutter” weapon to threaten and intimidate his colleague, but the latter was not deterred and tried to hit him, which prompted the accused to defend himself, attack the victim and tear off his ear.

Banter that evolved into assault

In the school environment and during exams, joking can be a way to relieve pressure and achieve entertainment and fun among students, but we must realize that the line between gentle banter and physical abuse is very narrow, and students must be aware enough to respect each other’s rights and not use violence as a means of solving disputes.

Weapons used in the attack

Cutter is a famous white weapon used in some societies for self-defense or to threaten others. It consists of a sharp blade similar to a saw blade and a handle that is easy to carry and use. In this incident, the accused used the cutter weapon to threaten his colleague and draw attention to him by waving it in front of his face.

The victim was injured and taken to the hospital

The student victim was seriously injured as a result of the brutal assault on him. He was immediately taken to the hospital to receive the necessary treatments and perform the necessary surgeries to repair the damage to his face. The victim’s condition is divided between psychological and physical trauma, and he will need psychological support and care to recover from that horrific accident.

The repercussions of the incident on the school and students

The school was greatly affected by the incident, as it led to the spread of terror and anxiety among students and parents, and the students’ need to feel safe and protected within the school environment increased.

The incident also affected the course of the educational process and the focus of the students in their studies, as attention was directed largely towards the negative events that occurred within the school rather than focusing on learning and personal development.

The security services intervened and arrested the accused

Fortunately, the security services responded quickly to the incident and intervened to investigate the matter. The police were able to arrest the accused of assault after monitoring him and his movement. Charges were filed against the accused based on available testimonies and evidence, and the necessary legal measures were taken to ensure his trial and justice.

Legal actions taken against the accused

The accused of assault will be prosecuted in accordance with applicable local laws. Evidence and testimonies will be presented before the court to determine the degree of involvement of the accused and achieve justice. He may be prosecuted for physical assault, carrying weapons and threatening violence, and if convicted, he may face legal penalties commensurate with his crime.

Responses and comments on the assault

Reactions to this heinous incident reflect public discontent and condemnation. Groups and institutions denounce youth violence and call for the need to promote awareness and positive education among students. Young people must learn the importance of resolving conflicts in peaceful ways and promoting dialogue and mutual respect instead of resorting to violence.

The need to promote awareness and positive behavior among students

Promoting awareness and positive behavior among students must be one of the priorities in schools and societies. Awareness and educational programs must be provided for students to promote understanding and peaceful coexistence and build conflict resolution skills. Values ​​of tolerance, mutual respect and justice must be promoted in the school environment, and students should be encouraged to report any case that indicates Violence or threats of violence.

The impact of youth violence on society

Youth violence affects society negatively in several aspects. It leads to the reinforcement of violence and tension in the school and community environment, and increases the risk of similar incidents of violence in the future. It also affects the physical and psychological health of young people, and may cause a deterioration in their academic performance and a decline in their interest in developing their personal skills.

Therefore, youth violence must be seriously addressed and necessary measures taken to prevent and address it.

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