If you want to buy a car.. a new government decision regarding cars… know the date of its implementation


With a strong front in front of market challenges, car enthusiasts find themselves exploring new options to get their favorite cars, as the car market has been affected by major changes during the past year and the beginning of this year, with unprecedentedly high prices in the new car market.

However, this matter no longer discourages the passion and desire to own a new car, as many people are now heading towards the used car market. Is this the perfect solution for car lovers? What is the state offering again in the new car market? We’ll take a look at recent shifts and new trends in the automotive world.

New car market changes

First of all, the price hike in the new car market has become something that cannot be ignored. Since the beginning of last year, we have witnessed a significant increase in the cost of new cars, which has led to new challenges facing manufacturers and consumers alike. However, there seems to be a shift in this context, as the country has taken important decisions to strengthen the position in the new car market.

New instructions for importing cars

In the framework of these transformations, the Ministries of Finance and Industry and Trade announced the circulation of new instructions regarding the import of cars. This decision comes based on the directives issued to the central departments of the Customs Authority, with the aim of stimulating the new car market and facilitating the process of importing cars. This circular aims to create a fairer competitive environment and to promote consumer rights.

Improving the situation in the new car market

Among the measures taken, the new instructions for importing new cars include simplifying import procedures and reducing complex administrative red tape. This aims to facilitate and speed up car imports, allowing consumers to get their cars faster and easier. In addition, taxes and fees imposed on new cars have been reduced, which reduces the financial burden on consumers and makes new cars more competitive with used cars.

The future of the car market

Thanks to these changes, the new car market is expected to witness a gradual recovery and an increase in demand. These steps will contribute to boosting investments in the automotive industry and stimulating innovation and development. Thus, consumers will have wider choices, allowing them to choose between new and used cars according to their personal needs and preferences.

Future strategies for new cars

Despite these improvements, the market still requires continuous efforts to support new cars. With intense competition from used cars and other changes in consumer needs, manufacturers must adopt effective marketing strategies and technology innovations to attract more customers and increase market share. Investments should also be made in improving the quality of cars and providing exciting driving experiences for consumers.

As the automotive market continues to evolve and change, manufacturers and consumers need to keep abreast of new challenges and opportunities. The new regulations for importing new cars will promote growth in the car market and enhance competitiveness. Consumers should take advantage of this opportunity to choose from a variety of new cars available at more competitive prices and unique driving experiences. By taking advantage of these changes and developing innovative marketing strategies, new car companies can succeed in maintaining their position and attracting more customers in this new era of the automotive industry.

Changing import rules: Entry of later model cars into Egypt starting from April

In this article, we will discuss a new change in the import rules for cars in Egypt. Where the Ministry of Commerce and Industry approved the request of the Ministry of Finance to allow the entry of cars of the next model year, starting from April instead of July.

What does this change mean?

The new decision of the Ministry of Trade and Industry gives consumers in Egypt the opportunity to purchase modern cars faster and more easily. Where the previous rule required the entry of new model cars in the second half of the year, but it has not been implemented since 2021.

Benefits of change:

Higher Value and Quality: By importing later model cars earlier, consumers will be able to take advantage of the latest technology and innovations in the automotive industry. The cars will be more advanced and improved, which contributes to improving the quality of the local market.

Global equality: Thanks to this change, Egypt will be on par with other countries regarding the provision of later model cars. Consumers in Egypt will have the same opportunity to own modern cars that are available in the global markets.

Improving customer service: This new step will allow importing companies to better serve customers inside Egypt. Buyers will have the opportunity to get their desired cars quickly and easily, enhancing their buying experience.

Market development: This decision is expected to contribute to revitalizing the car market in Egypt. The demand for modern cars will increase, which will boost business activity and contribute to positive economic growth.


A car expert warned in his program on “Al-Nahar” channel today, Friday, about the dust flying in the air these days, describing it as a great danger that threatens cars.

Bashir points out that dust poses a great danger to cars, as it causes damage to the car and its interior, and he explains: “Some people often ignore the order to close the car window properly, as part of the glass may remain open, make sure that the car windows are closed well, or Part of the sunroof may be open, and with the presence of thick dust, you will completely destroy the car.”

And he continues, saying: “There are people who advise leaving the air vents open for the car to breathe. In good weather conditions, this can be done, but in these harmful atmospheres, it poses a great danger, as it will cause damage to the interior of the car, and if the color of the roof of the car is light, it will be damaged.” If you are able to cover the car in this weather, it will be even better.”

Bashir continues: “The ventilation and air conditioning openings allow dust to enter the car and accumulate in the air conditioning antennas, and thus covering the car reduces the rate of entry of dust. “.

It is also advised to choose a suitable place to park the car on the streets, especially during periods of strong winds, to avoid the banners falling on the car.

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