The Ministry of Education reassures parents about the second foreign language exam for high school


On the decisive day of taking the second foreign language exam for high school, the Minister of Education and Technical Education emphasized the importance of the technical specifications used in preparing exam questions. These questions came in accordance with the technical specifications set by the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, with the aim of ensuring the fairness of the exam and providing equal opportunities for all students.

The importance of exams in high school

National exams in high school are among the most important events that students go through during their academic life. It reflects their level of educational attainment and abilities in different subjects. In addition, exam results affect students’ admission to universities and colleges and determine their future career paths.

Technical specifications for exam questions

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education pays great attention to ensuring the fairness and transparency of examinations. For this purpose, precise technical specifications have been developed for the preparation of exam questions. These specifications include defining the concepts and skills that students must acquire in each subject, and distributing questions in a balanced and gradual manner to test different levels of difficulty.

Prepare and familiarize yourself with the exam format

Before the exam day, students are advised to prepare well and focus on reviewing the syllabus and important topics. Students should be fully aware of the format of the exam and the type of questions to expect. Students can view and solve previous exam models to practice and learn about the pattern of questions.

Efforts of the Ministry of Education to monitor the committees

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education ensures regular organization and supervision of examination committees to ensure the safety and transparency of the process. There are central rooms that follow up the work of the committees and receive any reports of any violations that may occur within the committees. The Ministry takes strict measures to deal with any violation and ensure that it does not affect the examination results.

High school exam schedule

A schedule has been set for the high school exams, as the second foreign language exams began on the twentieth of June and will continue until the thirteenth of July. Students are requested to observe these deadlines and prepare well for all other subjects.

Feedback and student satisfaction with the second foreign language exam

After taking the second foreign language exam, many high school students expressed their general satisfaction and comfort regarding the questions and their difficulty. The students praised the balanced and graded distribution of questions and their conformity to the curriculum and technical specifications approved by the Ministry of Education.

Diversion of French and German language questions

In a related context, news was circulated about leaking French and German language questions. The Ministry of Education and Technical Education has confirmed that the necessary measures have been taken to investigate this news and punish those responsible for any leakage of questions.

Distribution of grades for the French language exam for the secondary stage

With regard to the French language exam for the secondary level, it is expected that the exam scores will be distributed after completing the correction of the papers. Examination results will be announced at a later time, after all necessary procedures are completed.

The Minister of Education and Technical Education confirmed the importance of technical specifications in preparing questions for the second foreign language exam for high school. Based on the positive feedback from the students, it can be said that the exam was in accordance with the curriculum and fair. These efforts aim to provide equal opportunities for all students and assess their ability and knowledge of a foreign language.

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