What are the ten taboos in the desert land?


Agricultural reclamation refers to the use of agricultural techniques to convert desert land into arable land.

Among the ten taboos in the desert land that must be paid attention to when agricultural reclamation:

1- Not destroying biodiversity and protecting rare animal and plant species.
2- Do not overuse and pollute groundwater.
3- Not to cause desertification, agricultural erosion and soil degradation.
4- Do not rely excessively on the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
5- Not to damage the resources of forests and trees and destroy wetlands.
6- Not causing global warming and increasing greenhouse gas emissions.
7- Not to use harmful chemicals in cleaning the lands.
8- Not to damage water resources and pollute ground and surface water.
9- Not to use agricultural techniques that are harmful to public health, such as nuclear radiation.
10- Not to cause the displacement of indigenous people and tribes and displace them from their lands.

What is agricultural reclamation in Egypt?

Reclamation in agriculture in Egypt is the process of converting unused desert lands into arable agricultural lands. This process includes digging, drip irrigation, cultivation, soil improvement, and land preparation for cultivation, with the aim of increasing agricultural productivity, achieving food security, and providing new job opportunities. Agricultural reclamation is considered one of the most important agricultural projects in Egypt, as the Egyptian government seeks to increase agricultural land areas to meet the needs of the growing population and improve the country’s economy.

What are the elements of agricultural reclamation in desert land?

Desert lands need certain ingredients to successfully achieve agricultural reclamation, including:

1- Water: Water is one of the most important ingredients for agriculture in desert lands, and wells, underground wells, rivers and waterways are used to provide water.

2- Soil: Desert lands need soil with certain characteristics, such as flatness, the ability to retain water and nutrients, and the ability to ventilate.

3- Electricity: The provision of electricity is necessary for the operation of pumps and agricultural machinery and the provision of lighting for crops.

4- Technology: Reclamation in the field of agriculture in desert lands requires the use of modern technologies to increase productivity, improve efficiency and achieve sustainability.

5- Agricultural buildings: Desert lands need agricultural buildings such as warehouses, warehouses, and workshops to maintain agricultural equipment and provide appropriate conditions for agricultural labor.

6- Agricultural labor: Agricultural labor is one of the main ingredients for achieving agricultural reclamation in desert lands, as it contributes to carrying out agricultural work and preserving crops.

7- Funding: Desert lands need sufficient funding to provide agricultural equipment and machinery, labor, raw materials, lighting and the necessary technology.

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