Performing tasks exam schedule for the fifth grade of primary school and the fourth grade of primary school, second term 2023, Ministry of Education


Through Al-Nasr newspaper, we will talk today about the performance tasks exam schedule for the fifth grade of primary school, second term 2023 issued by the Ministry of Education.

What are the functional tasks?

Performative tasks are a type of important educational activity conducted in schools, aimed at assessing students’ understanding of academic concepts and knowledge. These tasks include practical activities that students do during the semester, such as research, reports, presentations, theater performances, mathematics, science, Arabic and English. The performance tasks are among the tools that help students to better understand academic concepts and develop their scientific and practical skills. They also work to motivate them and increase their interaction with the educational process.

The importance of performance tasks?

Performance tasks are among the important factors that contribute to enhancing the learning process and improving students’ understanding of academic concepts. These tasks are an effective way to develop students’ scientific and practical skills and increase their interaction with the educational process. Performing tasks also help develop creativity, critical thinking, productivity and positive interaction with others. Performance tasks are also an opportunity to improve self-confidence, independence and endurance. They are also an effective way to apply academic concepts in practical and realistic practice, making learning more useful and effective. In addition, the performance tasks enhance communication between students and teachers and enhance social relations and interaction between them. Therefore, performance tasks are an essential part of a successful and effective educational process.

Here are some important elements as follows: – C

  • It helps students to study the curriculum well
  • Help students develop their skills
  • Motivate students and encourage them to participate in group work

How are performance tasks applied?

Performing tasks are applied by presenting a set of tasks and activities that are given to students with the aim of applying and analyzing the academic concepts learned in the school. Performing tasks include a variety of activities such as research and verification, experiment and practical application, presentations and group discussions, acting and artistic performance, and other activities that are compatible with the curricula and help to improve the scientific and practical abilities of students.

The performance tasks are designed in proportion to the level of the students and contain clear directions and instructions to ensure the achievement of the desired educational goals. Teachers supervise the implementation of performance tasks and provide the necessary support and guidance to students to ensure their success in implementing them. Performing tasks provide students with an opportunity for active learning and interaction with the study material more, and enhance students’ sense of responsibility and develop their skills in teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and creativity.

In addition, performance tasks may be carried out in the classroom or outside the classroom in accordance with the intended learning objectives. It is possible to set the dates for handing over the performance tasks and determine the appropriate evaluation criteria to evaluate the performance of the students and the extent to which they achieve the objectives of the performance task.

The system that is applied to the fourth grade of primary school

The way to apply the functional tasks to the fourth grade of primary school is to assign students specific tasks, which include reading, writing, arithmetic, science, social studies and English. These tasks are divided into specific periods of time, where students are given the tasks specified at the beginning of the period, and then they are evaluated on the basis of the successful implementation and completion of the tasks.

This system motivates students and motivates them to work hard, as the implementation of performance tasks depends on the student’s ability to work independently and take responsibility, and helps to enhance students’ critical thinking, creativity and analytical skills, and also helps in improving communication, presentation and effective communication skills among students.

This system is a successful and useful experience to improve the quality of education in schools, which prompts the Ministry to continue implementing this system in the coming years.

The new system that will be applied to the fifth grade of primary school

A new system will be applied to the performance tasks of the fifth grade of primary school during the second semester of 2023. The performance tasks in this system will be various projects and activities aimed at developing students’ skills and developing their scientific and practical abilities. It is expected that this system will be more comprehensive and comprehensive compared to the previous system, as the performance tasks will cover many different fields and topics.

The performance tasks in the new system will include several levels, commensurate with the abilities and level of the students, as there will be basic and advanced tasks. The necessary resources and equipment will be provided to carry out the performance tasks well, including technical and informational resources, in order to facilitate the learning process and improve the quality of education.

The new system is expected to motivate students and enhance their interest in learning, as performance tasks will be designed in a way that encourages students to research, critical thinking and innovation. Teamwork and cooperation among students will also be encouraged through performing tasks jointly, which helps to enhance their communication and teamwork skills.

This new system is expected to improve the level of education and the quality of education in the fifth grade of primary school, and works to develop students’ skills and motivate them to learn and think critically.

Exam schedule for the fifth grade of primary school, the second semester 2023

  • Monday, March 27, 2023: Social Studies and ICT.
  • On Tuesday, the 28th of the same month: Science and English.
  • On Wednesday: Arabic Language and Religious Education.
  • On Thursday the 30th of the month: Mathematics and Vocational Skills.

Performing tasks exam schedule for the fourth grade of primary school, second semester 2023

  • Monday, March 27, 2023: Arabic language and calligraphy exam, religious education subject.
  • On Tuesday, March 28, 2023: Mathematics and Vocational Skills.
  • On Wednesday, the 29th of the same month: social studies and ICT.
  • Thursday, March 30, 2023: Science and English.

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