Watch the Al-Jazira and Kalba match broadcast live Al-Jazira against Kalba in the UAE League


Watching the Al-Jazira and Kalba match, broadcast live, Al-Jazira vs. Kalba, where the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in Al-Jazira Club hosts the twenty-sixth round match of the ADNOC Professional League between Al-Jazira and Ittihad Kalba.

The date of the Al-Jazira and Kalba match

The match will be held at 5:15 pm local time of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Republic of Egypt. There will be a limited audience presence in the stands due to the precautionary measures taken to confront the Covid-19 pandemic.

Watch the Al-Jazira and Kalba match broadcast live

After losing Al-Jazira Club in the previous match, the team hopes to achieve victory in the next match against Ittihad Kalba. Aside from losing, Al Jazira are a talented team with a plethora of great players, and they are all set to win.

As for Al-Ittihad Kalba, they tied in the previous match against Khorfakkan, which is a very strong team and ranks fifth in the standings. However, Ittihad Kalba hopes to achieve victory in the next match and move up the standings.

Watch the Al Jazira match against Kalba, broadcast live

Watch the Al-Jazira match against Kalba, broadcast live, as the fans watching the ADNOC Professional League are waiting for the upcoming match between Al-Jazira and Ittihad Kalba in the twenty-sixth round of the tournament. The main stadium, “Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium” in Al Jazira Club, will host this exciting match.

Al-Jazira enters the match while it is ranked seventh in the general table with 43 points, and it has achieved 13 wins, 4 draws and 8 defeats in the tournament. Al-Jazira players succeeded in scoring 48 goals, while conceding 39 goals.

For its part, Ittihad Kalba team enters the match and is in eighth place in the championship table with 33 points, and has achieved 9 victories, 6 draws and 10 defeats. Ittihad Kalba players scored 32 goals, while conceding 39 goals.

The fans are looking forward to following the exciting match between Al-Jazira and Ittihad Kalba, and wish both teams success in achieving victory and achieving the desired goals.

Certainly, this match will be interesting and full of challenges and excitement, as each team strives to achieve victory in this important confrontation. It is possible that this match will be an opportunity for the players of the two teams to appear in a distinctive way and delight their fans, so it is certain that they will work hard to achieve victory and delight their loyal fans.

The goals of the Al-Jazira match against Kalba, a summary of the result of the meeting

The previous Al-Jazira and Kalba match ended in a 2-2 draw, in an exciting match full of excitement and challenge. The two teams performed well throughout the match, and exchanged control over the course of the game. Despite the two teams’ attempts to win, the match ended in a positive draw, which is a fair result for the performance of the two teams on the field. With this result, the two teams continue their campaign in the ADNOC Professional League, and strive to win the upcoming matches.

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