Great news about the high salaries of workers in the UAE


Great news about the increase in the salaries of workers in the UAE, as the total value of salaries paid to workers in the UAE increased by 17% over the past year.

According to data published by the UAE Central Bank, the value of salaries amounted to 249 billion dirhams in 2022, compared to 212 billion dirhams in 2021.

The average number of employees registered in the wage protection system at the UAE level increased to 5.2 million in 2022 from 4.2 million in 2021, an increase of one million people, and the total number of salaries increased from 46.4 to 55.5 million.

The number of companies registered in the system increased to 275,680 companies at the end of 2022, compared to 216,690 companies at the end of 2021, an increase of 27%.

It should be noted that the Wage Protection System is an electronic system that allows establishments to pay workers’ wages through accredited banks and financial institutions, and covers all registered establishments in all sectors and industries.

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