Acquittal of a legal advisor on charges of embezzlement of 220 thousand dirhams – Al-Nasr newspaper


The Dubai Misdemeanor Court acquitted an employee of a company of embezzling an amount of 220,000 dirhams. The company accused the accused of seizing this amount after receiving it from a client in his capacity as a legal advisor, without handing over the company’s accounts, which causes harm to the rightful owner.

According to judicial investigations, the accused employee previously worked as a legal advisor to the victim company, collected sums of money from clients, issued undated forged receipts, and kept the collected sums for his personal benefit without the knowledge of the employer. The total amounts seized amounted to 220 thousand dirhams.

For his part, a witness from the affected legal institution stated that the accused submitted his resignation from the office in November 2020, received all his financial dues, and all procedures for terminating the practical and legal relationship between him and the company were completed.

Another witness who works as a legal advisor to the damaged company indicated that after the accused resigned, the clients came to the office and presented forged receipts signed by the accused and sealed with the office’s stamp stating that he had received sums of money, judicial fees, experts’ wages and consulting fees, and confirmed that there is no basis for the validity of these receipts. After verifying this with the owner of the office, it was found that the accused had not deposited this money in the company’s account.

Based on an accounting report, the total amounts seized amounted to 219,950 dirhams, confirming that the accused was working as a legal advisor to the company, and that his behavior caused the owner of the complaining company to stop practicing law for a month.

During the investigations, the accused denied the charges against him and claimed that the complaint filed by the institution was staged, and confirmed that he had not seized any money from the affected company, and he also submitted a report from a consultant supporting his statements.

After reviewing the papers and files, the court stated that there was no evidence proving that the accused had committed the crime attributed to him, and decided that he was innocent of the charges against him.

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