Ghassan Shamsiyeh.. A horrific crime that claimed the life of an Israeli shook the UAE.. Details – Al-Nasr newspaper


An incident that took place in Dubai and raised a lot of controversy and attention, which is related to the stabbing crime that claimed the life of an Israeli. We will review the motives for this crime and the events that led to it, in addition to the details of the arrest of the suspects. We will also discuss the dimensions of this case and its impact on diplomatic relations between the countries concerned.

Crime details

The details of this tragic crime go back to the existence of conflicts and revenge between two Israeli families in Dubai. While members of the two families were in the city, a mutual quarrel occurred in a cafe that developed into a stabbing attack. The victim is Ghassan Shamsiyeh, a 33-year-old Israeli.

Suspects arrested

The Dubai Police Criminal Investigation Department arrested the suspects in the incident. Two of the main perpetrators of the incident were arrested within only three hours of the crime. The police continued their efforts and managed to apprehend the rest of the suspects in less than 24 hours.

The motives of the crime

The motives of this crime go back to the conflicts and revenge between the two Israeli families. There may be personal and historical backgrounds that make this tense and complex relationship, which led to the occurrence of this painful incident.

crime effects

This crime arouses great interest and wide influence at the diplomatic level between the countries concerned, especially between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. This crime may affect the security and economic cooperation between the two countries, and weaken the recently strengthened bilateral relations.

The importance of a criminal investigation

The arrest of suspects in a short period of time reflects the effectiveness of the security and investigative services in Dubai. Investigating this crime and bringing those responsible to justice is essential to ensure the safety of society and respect for the law.

Justice and punishment

It is important that those accused of this crime be prosecuted according to the law and punished for their actions. Justice must be fair and transparent, and that appropriate penalties are applied for the crimes committed.

Israeli-UAE relations

This crime may affect the diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, which have witnessed a remarkable rapprochement in recent years. It may weaken trust and impede security and economic cooperation between the two countries.

The importance of dialogue and understanding

It is necessary to continue dialogue and understanding between Israel and the United Arab Emirates to overcome this crime and maintain strong bilateral relations, and the two countries must work to enhance understanding and exchange security information to reduce the occurrence of such crimes in the future.

In short, the stabbing crime that took place in Dubai reflects the impact of family conflicts and revenge on international relations. Arresting suspects and achieving justice reflects the effectiveness of the security and judicial services in Dubai. Diplomatic efforts must continue to overcome the impact of this crime and maintain cooperation between the countries concerned.

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