Emirates Police arrests 8 Israelis following a Hollywood revenge crime


The city of Dubai is witnessing a horrific crime incident that raises a lot of controversy and interest in the security and media circles.

Where the Dubai Police General Command managed to arrest eight people of Israeli nationality in less than 24 hours after they were involved in the murder of another person of the same nationality, in the context of conflicts and revenge between the families of the two parties.

Crime details

Arrest the perpetrators

In a rapid development of events, criminal investigation officers at the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Investigations were able to arrest two of the main perpetrators of the incident within only three hours.

The matter did not stop there, as the police were able to continue investigations and apprehend the rest of the accused within less than 24 hours.

crime occurred

According to the available information, the crime took place in a coffee shop in Dubai, where members of the perpetrator’s and the victim’s families happened to meet, who were in the country for the purpose of tourism and shopping.

Because of the existence of old differences and conflicts between the two parties, a violent quarrel broke out, which developed into a mutual assault between them, and ended with the death of the victim after being stabbed with a sharp object.

The reason behind the conflict and revenge

The details of the crime go back to a struggle and revenge between the two families, which lasted for several years. According to the available information, old disputes arose between the two families, and tensions and quarrels escalated between their members over the years.

In the presence of both of them in the same country, the events escalated and developed into a deadly attack that had negative effects on the local community.

Police efforts to detect crime

The Dubai Police General Command works seriously and dedicatedly in solving crimes and ensuring the security and safety of society. This incident demonstrated the police’s ability to respond quickly and efficiently in arresting suspects in record time.

The criminal process of detecting the crime witnessed perfect coordination between the various police departments, as the criminal investigation officers collected the necessary evidence and information, and conducted the necessary investigations to reveal the details of the crime and identify those involved in it.

Thanks to the extensive investigations and the tremendous efforts made by the policemen, they were able to arrest eight Israeli suspects in a record time not exceeding 24 hours, and the accused were transferred to the Public Prosecution Office to start the appropriate legal procedures.

The details of the defendants are sensitive information that needs specific legal procedures to be disclosed, and at this stage, the details of the identities of the eight defendants who were arrested have not been disclosed.

expected legal consequences

Depending on the serious crime they committed, the Israeli defendants face strict legal consequences and multiple crimes, and the legal authorities are expected to take the necessary measures to ensure that the defendants are tried fairly according to applicable laws.

The murder that took place in Dubai and the arrest of the Israeli suspects inside the emirate is a serious matter that deserves great attention. The police’s efforts to uncover the crime and arrest those involved reflect its commitment to maintaining security and justice.

It is important that the accused be tried according to the law to ensure that justice is done and to warn others against similar crimes.

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