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In this digital and connected age, social media has become a major platform for circulating news and information, and with the increasing use of these means by individuals, maintaining the accuracy of information and avoiding rumors becomes crucial.

The police is the security force that protects society and works to enforce the law. In light of this, the Ajman Police General Command clarifies the fact that employment is open to all nationalities and denies the rumors that have spread recently.

The rumors that spread on social media aroused interest and inquiries regarding the opening of employment in Ajman Police for all nationalities, and people circulated unconfirmed information and inaccurate details about this matter, and in light of this problem, Ajman Police comes to clarify the truth and provide the public with accurate information.

Clarify the truth

In a statement issued by the Ajman Police General Command, the police denied all allegations and rumors circulated on social media about opening the door for employment to all nationalities.

She confirmed that there is no basis for this information and that it is considered baseless. Ajman Police also called on the public to rely on official source news and announcements, so that they can obtain correct and reliable information.

The negative effects of rumors

Ajman Police explains that spreading rumors has serious negative effects on society. Rumors may create confusion and confusion among people, and give inaccurate information that may affect their interaction with current events and developments.

Rumors can also undermine confidence in official authorities such as the police and undermine the general safety of the community.

The role of the police in dealing with rumors

Ajman Police confirms that it will be on the lookout for anyone who tempts himself to spread rumors or inaccurate news. The police is keen to protect society and ensure that correct and reliable information is provided to the public.

The police stresses the need to verify reliable sources and not to be led by misleading rumors. The Ajman Police General Command comes to clarify the truth and denies the rumors circulating about opening the door for employment to all nationalities. The police calls on the public to rely on news and announcements from official sources and not to spread rumors.

In the end, protecting society and maintaining security and stability are the most important priorities of Ajman Police. Therefore, we must all cooperate to spread accurate and reliable news and be aware and responsible in using social media.

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