A great opportunity for all citizens and residents of the UAE, after the prices of Hajj flights 2023 have decreased


Many citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates are looking forward to performing Hajj in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the advent of the Hajj season. Hajj is one of the most important Islamic rituals that Muslims seek to perform. Therefore, interest is raised in the cost of Hajj from the Emirates for residents. The price of Hajj is affected by changing economic conditions. However, this year is distinguished by the fact that the UAE offers lower prices in Hajj packages.

The cost of Hajj from the Emirates for residents

The cost of Hajj from the Emirates for residents varies according to the packages offered and the country from which the Hajj is performed. Some countries are witnessing high prices in Hajj packages, while the United Arab Emirates this year is a cheaper destination for Hajj compared to previous years.

Prices for Hajj packages in other countries

The prices of Hajj packages in other countries vary according to various factors such as administrative costs, travel and accommodation costs. Hajj prices in some countries can be very high, which makes Hajj not available to everyone.

Prices in United Arab Emirates

In previous years, the cost of Hajj in the United Arab Emirates was 45,000 dirhams, and this amount was very high for many people, especially in light of the difficult economic conditions that the world is going through due to the Corona virus.

However, in the current year 2023, Hajj packages are available at a cost of AED 13,000, which is much less compared to previous years, making travel from the UAE to Makkah more affordable and economical.

An amazing opportunity to travel and make a dream come true! Find out the best offers for Hajj trips after the price drop in the UAE 2023

Hajj costs consist of several elements, including travel, accommodation, visa and meals costs. We will review some of these details to clarify the cost of Hajj from the UAE for residents.

flight costs

The cost of travel from the UAE to the Hajj includes the costs of booking tickets, accommodation and meals during the Hajj period. These costs can vary according to the company organizing the campaign and the services provided.

Hajj visa

Hajj visa for UAE residents requires additional procedures and procedures. There may be visa fees that differ from one country to another, and depend on the facilities provided by the Saudi government.

Book tickets, accommodation and meals

The cost of Hajj includes booking tickets to travel to Makkah Al-Mukarramah and accommodation in hotels designated for pilgrims, in addition to providing daily meals during the Hajj period. These costs may vary depending on the level of service and the location of accommodation.

additional costs

Hajj costs may include additional costs such as local transportation costs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the costs of gifts and sacrifices, and other personal expenses. These costs must be taken into account when planning the Hajj to ensure the availability of the necessary financial amount.

How to choose between Hajj campaigns in the UAE

When choosing a pilgrimage campaign in the UAE, several important factors must be taken into account, among which are:

Reputation of the organizing company: Check the reputation of the company organizing the campaign and its history in providing Hajj services.

Services Offered: Compare the services offered in each campaign, including transportation, accommodation and meals.

Cost: Compare the prices of different campaigns and be sure to check which services are included in the prices.

Reviews of former Muslims: Read the ratings and reviews of Muslims who performed Hajj through this campaign, and benefit from their experiences.

With caution and good research, you can choose the right Hajj campaign that meets your needs and budget.

The importance of financial planning for Hajj in the UAE

Financial planning for the Hajj in the UAE is important, you must determine the amount of money that you can allocate for the Hajj and decide whether you will pay the full value in advance or do the installments in installments.

It is also a good idea to prepare a detailed budget for the expected Hajj costs, including basic costs and additional costs. Calculate the possible costs and try to save an extra amount for emergencies.

You can also contact financial experts or Hajj consultants to get tips on proper financial planning and managing Hajj expenses effectively.

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