The Ministry of Education in the UAE issues an urgent statement to all male and female students


In the academic year 2023/2024, the Ministry of Education will implement the elective subjects system in the eleventh grade for students in the general and advanced tracks in public and private schools that apply the ministerial curriculum. Students are allowed to choose the study plan and subjects they want to study at the end of the tenth grade.

The number of electives varies according to the track and plan, and the appropriate scenario is chosen from among the available scenarios according to the scientific specialization that the student wishes to study in higher education institutions in the future.

The student is supposed to finish at least two science subjects by the end of the eleventh grade according to the scenario he chooses. The Ministry has approved the general framework for the application of optional subjects in schools in the third cycle for the next academic year. This framework includes general directives, implementation plans, scenarios, responsibilities and tasks for all parties involved in the educational process.

The Ministry explains that the system of electives provides a set of plans in the general track and the advanced track, and is divided into two main groups. In the first group, students in the third cycle graduate after completing the requirements of two out of three academic subjects. As for the second group, it focuses on the current study plan without applying the elective subjects for the scientific subjects, as the student covers all the academic subjects prescribed for him according to the previous plans.

An organized, thoughtful and disciplined academic advising program must be provided to ensure that the student chooses the appropriate educational model for the specialization he desires after completing the general education stage.

The system of elective subjects will be applied in public schools only in the eleventh grade on the general track and the advanced track in the next academic year. As for the eleventh and twelfth grades of the academic year (2024-2025), the system will also be applied. Compulsory subjects include “Arabic, English, Islamic education, mathematics, physical and health education, social studies, and moral education,” which all students are required to study, regardless of their paths and educational choices. After that, the student is allowed to choose the elective subjects from the first group “scientific subjects”, and then from the second group, which includes a group of activity topics.

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