Union Coop in the UAE announces a price reduction of 5,000 commodities during the current month


The Union Coop in the UAE is considered the first responsible for all commodity prices in the UAE. With the end of the current year and the start of a new year, the Coop is trying to find out the prices of many commodities that affect the lives of citizens and constitute a source of life for many in the UAE.

Union Coop announces, before the start of a new year, a reduction in the prices of 5,000 commodities

In a related context, Dr. Suhail Al Bastaki, Director of Happiness and Marketing at Union Coop in the UAE, said that the cooperative program will start in December 2022 with seven promotions, including discounts of up to 65% on 5,000 specific products in all branches, confirming that it has started. “Cooperative” in Dubai through a smart online store.

He said that the first discounts campaign was launched on the first of December as part of its mission to satisfy consumers and meet their requirements and provide high quality products at competitive prices in line with societal initiatives, and added that it had started.

He explained that the “Tawuniya” has monthly and annual plans to satisfy consumers, all of which meet the different seasons, and promotions that include discounts that meet the needs of community members, and December offers include discounts from 25% to 65%. % and “buy one get one” on selected FMCG, food and non-food items. It is wide and varied because it includes “free” promotions.

He said the December 2022 campaign will focus on food and non-food items that are most consumed, especially during the winter months, including frozen foods, meat, poultry, barbecue, gardening supplies and selected vegetables. Fruits, juices, water, dairy products, sweets, spices, rice, oils, perfumes, toys, cosmetics, foodstuffs and other consumer goods that meet the desires and needs of the consumer.

He emphasized that Tavuniya has made all December specials available for ordering through Tavuniya smart online store, as the online store includes unique services and features. This is because online stores have their own services and features. Improve the quality of customer service.

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