Dubai received 11.4 million foreign tourists in 10 months


The Dubai Council for Economy and Tourism issued the latest statistics on the tourism sector and the number of foreign tourists for the first ten months of the year. This indicates that the emirate attracted 11.4 million foreign tourists between January and October 2022. The number of foreign visitors to Japan during the same period in 2022. Last year it grew by 133.6%.

According to sectoral data obtained by Emirates Today, Dubai received more than 1.2 million foreign visitors in October alone, but the total number of visitors from January to October this year is down from before the coronavirus. Metrics: Hotel rooms, nights booked, average daily rate, and average yield per room also exceeded pre-pandemic levels.

Between January and October 2022, India will be at the forefront of the export market for international visitors to Dubai, registering more than 1.4 million tourists, while Oman will register around 1.1 million, according to the data. 100 visitors registered, with a total number of visitors of about 993,000. Visitors from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia market, and 812 thousand visitors from the United Kingdom.

Russia comes in fifth place with about 548 thousand visitors, followed by the United States with about 440 thousand, Germany with about 310 thousand, Pakistan with about 304 thousand, France with about 301 thousand, and Iran with about 275 thousand people.

In addition, the number of hotel rooms in Dubai at the end of October 2022 reached 144.7 thousand hotel rooms in 790 properties, compared to 134.4 thousand hotel rooms in 736 properties by the end of October 2023.

The average occupancy rate for all hotels operating in Dubai was 71%, compared to 64% for the same period in 2023.

Five-star luxury hotel rooms account for 34% of the total hotel market in Dubai, with nearly 49,000 rooms registered in 148 hotels, followed by four-star rooms. 29%, about 42,000 registered. 187 hotel rooms.

Hotels in the “three-star” and “star” categories represent about 19% of the total hotel market, with 262 hotel properties accommodating more than 27.8 thousand rooms.

As for hotel apartments, there are 193 establishments with more than 25.7 thousand units, representing 18% of the hotel market.

Compared to 4.6 nights in 2023 during the same period, the number of guests who spent one night from January to October 2022 was about 4 nights, and the number of nights (booked rooms) was about 30.4 million nights, compared to 24.7 million nights. It achieved a growth of 23% in the same period.

The data showed that the average daily cost of a hotel room amounted to 506 dirhams, compared to 384 dirhams in the same period, and thus the revenues of vacancies amounted to about 362 dirhams, compared to 245 dirhams.

The Gulf region ranked first in terms of the source of visitors to Dubai in the first ten months of the year, accounting for 22% of the total visitors, followed by Western Europe with 20% and South Asia with 17%.

It is followed by the Middle East and North Africa region with 12%, followed by Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Eastern European region with 11%.

The Americas account for 7%, Africa 5%, North and Southeast Asian countries 4%, and the Australian region comprising Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and neighboring islands account for 2%.

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