The Emirates unveils the completion of a project linking the Tilal area with the Al-Raqiba area


From the heart of the Emirates, the Land Transport Authority in Sharjah opened a new yard linking the suburbs of Al Saw Talal and Al Raqiba with traffic as part of a service project run by the government to improve vital services. Meeting the needs and aspirations of citizens in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region and the residential areas in the emirate with paved roads and infrastructure to meet the requirements of the population increase in the region.

Emirates: Completion of a square linking the Tilal area with the Al-Raqeba area

Youssef Khamis Al Othmani, Chairman and Engineer of the Sharjah Land Transport Authority, said that the arena opening project was completed in two main phases: facilitating transportation funds for visitors to the two arenas; The purpose is to reduce traffic congestion. At its peak, he affirms that the authorities will implement the latest mechanisms and strategies used in the field of planning and paving roads in accordance with the highest specifications and international standards for infrastructure.

On the one hand, he explained that the first phase of the project includes the construction of a two-lane road linking the Al-Tilal and Al-Raqba areas, so that the road contains two lanes with a length of 1.3 km in each direction. This marks the completion of the first phase of the work by the authorities and the completion of the road in 2023.

The Director of Land Transport said that the second phase of a project linking the Tilal area with the Al-Raqiba area in the Emirates will include the construction of a yard to connect the existing road with the new dual road that was completed in the first phase of the project, with the completion of three lanes and the current road entrance to the yard is a separate entrance. , so they are overlapping. To facilitate and regulate the movement of vehicles near the field.

After the completion of the project, the traffic operation was opened to traffic for the residents of the Tilal and Rukaiba areas, and ground signs and road signs were placed on the side of the road to ensure the application of all technical standards for road safety.

Al-Othmani stressed that the project is in dire need. He stressed the importance of the services they provide to the residents of Al-Sow suburbs in Al-Tilal and Al-Ruqiba districts, as well as effectively complementing their services, to meet the needs of residential buildings and new projects in Nesma (Masar) and the various housing projects in the city. This indicates the Authority’s desire to achieve the highest level of prosperity by opening internal and paved roads linking goods to each other. Besides, it should be noted that road services and quality play an important role.

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