Obliging an Emirati tenant to pay 675,000 dirhams for “apartment rent”


The Family Court and the Civil and Administrative Court in Abu Dhabi compelled a person (defendant) to pay a total amount of 675,000 dirhams to the landlord (plaintiff) for the usufruct right of an apartment that was confiscated without documents since January 2014. And obliged him to pay fees and expenses without paying the value of the usufruct right.

The owner of the property filed a case against the person who claimed that he was liable to pay AED 675,000 for the use of the property that he owns. It obliges him to physically transfer the property, pay fees and expenses, and in exchange for attorney’s fees, arrest the defendant for an apartment she owns without any actual or legal rights, and he has been there since January 2014. He refused to assign it to the plaintiff and did not start paying the amount of the benefit, so she came to file a case against him and the judgment was to deport the defendant, and the plaintiff’s lawyer filed a similar suit. I’m sending her the bill and the petition you made earlier.

The court noted that the materials established that the defendant in dispute had been removed from view, based on the judge’s decision in urgency, and that the plaintiff’s counsel had argued that the defendant should be held liable. The cost of his use of the property from January 2014 to the date and amount prior to the actual eviction. The Defendant, though legally cited, appears to have raised objections undermining its defense or proceedings, and the Court has consequently reduced the Plaintiff’s corresponding fee to $675,000 as of January 2014. discretionary Dirhams and obliges him to pay the fees and expenses.

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