UAE Minister of Industry announces 30 new projects under the slogan “Made in the UAE”


In an important step to support industry and advanced technology in the UAE, Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, inaugurated the second session of the “Make in the UAE” forum in the capital, Abu Dhabi. This forum aims to promote investment and sustainability in the UAE industrial sector.

Under the slogan “Investment.. Sustainability.. Growth”, the “Make in UAE” forum is the first of its kind in the region. It is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi and ADNOC. Its activities will continue on May 31 and June 1, and will witness the participation of major local and international industrial companies, government agencies and financing institutions.

With the approach of the twenty-eighth session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), which will be hosted by the UAE, the “Make in the UAE” forum comes to highlight the role of the industrial sector in achieving sustainability and reducing emissions. The forum also aims to enhance international cooperation in the field of climate action and introduce companies and investors to the facilities and incentives available in the UAE to support sustainable industrial projects.

The forum’s agenda includes many interactive lectures and workshops covering various aspects of industry and advanced technology. Among the topics to be discussed at the forum will be determining the future directions of the industrial sector, and enhancing its contribution to efforts to reduce emissions and climate change at the global level.

The focus will also be on the facilities and incentives available to investors who wish to invest in the industry in the UAE. Investment opportunities and partnerships between local, regional and international industrial companies will be reviewed, with the aim of transforming the UAE into a global center for manufacturing and innovation.

In short, the “Make in the UAE” forum is a great opportunity for industrial companies and investors to learn about the industrial and technological developments in the Emirates, and to explore sustainable investment opportunities. It also reflects the UAE’s commitment to promoting sustainability and preserving the environment, and enhances its role as a global center for manufacturing and innovation.

The “Make in the UAE” forum is expected to be a great success, and to strengthen the UAE’s position as an ideal destination for investment and advanced industrial and technological development.

UAE leadership directives

The UAE enjoys a strong strategic vision that calls for developing the industrial sector and increasing its contribution to the GDP. Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE Minister of Industry and Technology, works alongside the leadership of the Emirates to realize the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and the directives of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE, regarding the development of the sector. industry and enhance its position.

Diversifying the economy and providing a strong infrastructure

The UAE aims to diversify its economy and enhance its global competitiveness by building a strong industrial sector. The country is currently a major hub for industrial investments, and is seeking to attract more companies and investments in this sector. To achieve this goal, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President and Minister of the Presidential Court, directed the development of advanced plans and strategies to strengthen the industrial sector and improve its performance.

Abu Dhabi industrial strategy and industrialization promotion

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi plays a vital role in realizing the UAE’s vision for the industrial sector. Sheikh Khalid bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Chairman of the Executive Council, announced the “Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy”, which aims to double the size of the manufacturing sector in Abu Dhabi to reach 172 billion dirhams by 2031. The strategy includes a set of initiatives and measures aimed at To improve the business environment, promote innovation and encourage investments in modern manufacturing industries.

Strong support and effective regulation of the industrial sector

The efforts of the UAE leadership reflect the keenness to strengthen the industrial sector and support it in its path towards development and growth. The UAE government seeks to provide strong infrastructure and effective regulation to enhance the competitiveness of the industrial sector. The UAE enjoys strong competitive advantages, such as political and legal stability, advanced infrastructure, outstanding higher education, and advanced technology. The government apparatus works in an integrated and coordinated way to provide the necessary support to industrial companies, facilitate licensing procedures, encourage innovation and develop the required human skills.

Keeping pace with the future and achieving sustainable development

The UAE works to keep abreast of global developments and achieve sustainable development through the application of information and communication technology and innovations in the industrial sector. Investments in research and development and the application of modern technology, such as artificial intelligence, big analytics and the Internet of Things, are encouraged to enhance productivity, improve product quality and achieve environmental sustainability.

Attracting investments and enhancing international cooperation

The UAE is working to attract more investments in the industrial sector by providing an appropriate and encouraging investment environment. The government seeks to enhance international cooperation and exchange of expertise and technology with other countries in the field of industry. The UAE aims to build strategic partnerships with international companies and encourage the industrial presence of international companies in the UAE.

Sustainability of the industrial sector and future success

The UAE believes in the importance of the sustainability of the industrial sector and orientation towards the future. Comprehensive and balanced industrial development is one of the government’s priorities, as the necessary support is provided to industrial companies for sustainable success and excellence in the future.

Protects national gains and encourages investments:

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology works to protect national gains and benefit from the stimulating and attractive advantages for investments in the country. The Ministry aims to create viable economic opportunities for the growth of the industrial sector and support for the local product.

Enabling the national economy and providing promising opportunities:

The Ministry seeks to empower the national economy by finding promising opportunities for industrial investors. It also aims to provide a suitable environment for establishing and expanding business, promoting products and facilitating their access to global markets.

Providing innovative financing solutions:

The Ministry works to provide innovative financing solutions to support the growth of the local industry. It also seeks to attract foreign capital to strengthen the industrial sector and enhance its competitiveness.

Improving the quality and competitiveness of the local product:

The Ministry works to raise the quality of the local product and enhance its competitiveness. It seeks to develop the industrial sector in its various specializations and provide the necessary training and qualification for Emirati competencies in the fields of industry and advanced technology.

The role of the private sector in sustainable economic development:

The Ministry enhances the role of the private sector in advancing sustainable economic development. It encourages partnerships between the public and private sectors and provides the necessary support for industrial business development and investment promotion.

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