The UAE opens the door for employment for citizens over a period of 80 days during this year.. Apply now


The UAE opens the door for employment for citizens, it was announced that the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the UAE organized during the first quarter of this year more than 80 open days for employment at the state level.

Coordination and cooperation took place with local human resources departments, educational institutions, more than 81 companies from the private sector and seven companies from free zones. The goal is to enable citizens to benefit from the competitive job opportunities available in the private sector, to promote Emiratisation programs and to attract highly skilled national talent to private companies. These plans will be implemented within three months, making it easier for citizens to access many job opportunities in the private sector.

Farida Al Ali, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation for the recruitment of national human resources, stated that cooperation with local departments of human resources, educational institutions, private companies and free zones comes with the aim of providing direct channels for communication with national competencies and enabling them to join the labor market, which is competitive and attractive to national talents. And global, and open new horizons for them to contribute effectively to the process of economic development.

The UAE opens the door for employment for citizens over a period of 80 days

Al Ali added, “This step aims to promote national employment and enable citizens to integrate into the labor market in the private sector, by providing suitable job opportunities for citizens and improving the standard of living, while achieving the goals of Emiratisation in the private sector.”

This step is part of the UAE government’s continuous efforts to employ citizens and encourage private companies to cooperate with the ministry in this regard, and to raise the private sector to international levels in all sectors.

Al Ali indicated that these open days for employment provide many job opportunities for citizens with companies operating in various economic sectors in all emirates of the country.

This is done after conducting direct job interviews between the citizens and the companies concerned, whereby the citizens receive offers and direct work contracts with the companies. This helps promote the growth and prosperity of the private sector, and accelerates the pace of employment for Emirati cadres to be a partner in this growth. This opportunity is unique and very important to enable citizens to join jobs that suit their skills and experience, and encourage them to actively participate in the country’s economic development process.

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