Dubai Police arrests a European for defrauding 86 people – Al-Nasr Newspaper


According to the victims of the scam, which was carried out by people pretending to be a general trading company, they were forced to pay large amounts with promises of huge profits, and they took legal action against those involved after their savings were seized.

Dubai Police revealed to “Emirates Today” newspaper that 86 people had filed complaints against company officials, and measures had been taken to arrest the owner of the company, who is of Arab origin and has European nationality, and charges were brought against another person of Arab nationality who submitted his name to the company recently, but left the country. before it is reported.

In detail, one of the company’s victims reported that she had received a call from a person claiming to be an employee of the company, who claimed that it belonged to a person of great importance, and accordingly, she verified the trade license and paid an amount of 50 thousand dirhams with the promise that she would get a monthly profit of 3000 dirhams .

Then she increased her savings for a period of two months, then they contacted her to provide her with more investment, so she made another amount of 50 thousand dirhams, and despite her skepticism at first because of the promising profits, she was convinced after visiting the luxurious headquarters of the company in a prestigious place, but later discovered that the owner of the company Who was arrested has sold the headquarters to one of the employees.

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