Developing relations between the Head of State and the President of the Philippines: New opportunities await the two countries!


Within the framework of growing international cooperation, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, received a phone call yesterday from the President of the Republic of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos. Economic, investment, development and other vital fields that benefit and advance the two countries and contribute to achieving common interests.

Enhancing economic and trade cooperation

Economic and trade relations represent a fundamental pillar of cooperation between the UAE and the Philippines. This cooperation has been strengthened through the exchange of official visits and the organization of exhibitions and joint economic events. Investment procedures and the exchange of economic information have also been facilitated, which has contributed to increasing the volume of trade between the two countries. It is important that we take advantage of Opportunities available to enhance bilateral trade and develop economic relations between the UAE and the Philippines in the future.

Exchange of experience and technology

Economic cooperation between the UAE and the Philippines provides important opportunities for the exchange of expertise and technology. Companies and institutions in the two countries can benefit from common experiences and mutual knowledge in areas such as renewable energy, information and communication technology, and heavy industries. By strengthening this exchange, the ability of the two countries to develop their economic sectors can be enhanced. and increasing competitiveness at the global level.

Promote bilateral trade

Bilateral trade between the UAE and the Philippines has been growing steadily over the years, and the UAE is one of the most important business destinations for Filipinos in the region, as many Filipino workers and businessmen head to the UAE in search of job and investment opportunities, and thanks to the simplified procedures for trade and investment, Filipino companies can benefit from The dynamic UAE market and access to a wide network of clients and investors.

Development and social cooperation

The UAE and the Philippines seek to enhance cooperation in development and social fields in order to achieve sustainable development and enhance the well-being of their peoples.

Education and training

The UAE and the Philippines attach great importance to the education and training sector. The UAE provides opportunities for Filipino students and professionals to study and train in its distinguished educational institutions. The UAE government seeks to enhance academic and cultural exchange with the Philippines by organizing scholarship programs and academic visits.

Health and social care

The UAE and the Philippines are interested in promoting health and providing social care for their people. The two countries work together in fields such as medicine, treatment and medical research, and the UAE provides relief and humanitarian support to the Philippines in cases of disasters and emergencies, which reflects the spirit of solidarity and cooperation between the two countries.

Exchange of cultures and cultural cooperation

Culture is an important axis in cooperation between the UAE and the Philippines, as there is a lively cultural exchange that contributes to enhancing understanding and rapprochement between the two peoples.

Artistic and cultural exchange

Art and culture witness a lively exchange between the UAE and the Philippines. Events and art exhibitions are held in the Emirates that display Filipino art and culture, which contributes to enriching the cultural scene in the Emirates and enhancing understanding between the two cultures.

Tourism promotion

The UAE is a wonderful tourist destination for Filipinos, as many of them head to the Emirates to enjoy its charming scenery and experience its diverse culture.

Relations between the UAE and the Philippines are based on mutual respect and common interests, and with continued cooperation in the economic, developmental and cultural fields, relations between the two countries are expected to witness a bright future. The UAE and the Philippines benefit from this close cooperation by achieving progress and prosperity for their peoples and achieving sustainable development goals.

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