The gold price in the UAE today, Monday, June 26, 2023


The markets in the UAE are witnessing a significant increase in the price of gold. According to the new prices, the price of 21 carat gold was recorded at 198.73 dirhams, while the price of 24 carat gold in the UAE was 227.12 dirhams.

Daily presentation of gold prices

In “Al-Masry Al-Youm” we are keen to provide the latest gold prices at the beginning of each day, with their new values. We consider this important to help our readers keep up to date with the daily updates of gold prices in the UAE.

Diversity of gold in the UAE

It is known that gold in the United Arab Emirates varies in several karat, which are classified according to the percentage of gold present in each kilogram. The highest of these karat is 24 karat, which has the highest percentage of gold at 99%. Added to the price of a gram is the cost of making gold, which varies from one company to another and between the products of the company itself.

Gold price in United Arab Emirates

In UAE dirhams (international rates)

  • Gold Ounce: 7,063.50 AED / 1,923.08 USD.
  • A gram of 24 karat gold: 227.12 UAE dirhams / 61.84 US dollars.
  • 22 karat gold gram: 208.20 UAE dirhams / 56.68 US dollars.
  • A gram of 21 carat gold: 198.73 UAE dirhams / 54.11 US dollars.
  • A gram of 18 karat gold: 170.34 AED / 46.38 US dollars.
  • 14k gold gram: 132.49 AED / 36.07 US dollars.
  • 12 karat gold gram: 113.56 AED / 30.92 US dollars.
  • A gram of 10 karat gold: 94.63 UAE dirhams.
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