Civil Defense and Ajman Police teams managed to control the fire of Tower 02 in Ajman One


Last night, the Civil Defense and Ajman Police teams were able to put out a large fire that broke out in Tower 02, one of the “Ajman One” towers, without causing any injuries.

In a related context, the efforts of the joint teams exceeded the challenges related to extinguishing the fire and ensuring the safety of the residents of the tower.

Quick and effective handling of the incident

Rapid and effective response to fire incidents is vital to ensuring the safety of the community. Thanks to the perfect coordination between the civil defense teams and the Ajman Police, this incident was dealt with immediately and effectively, which contributed to the speedy control of the fire and saving the tower from severe damage.

Provide the necessary support for those affected

In cooperation with the Police Operations Room, a mobile police station has been provided to meet the needs of the affected residents of the tower, where reports, certificates and loss services are provided. A work team has also been formed to supervise relief operations around the clock, to ensure the organization and security of the accident site.

Move the affected population to a safe shelter

To ensure the safety of the residents of the tower affected by the fire, the Transport Authority provided seven buses that were used to transport residents to hotels in the emirates of Ajman and Sharjah, in cooperation with the Red Crescent Authority. This step was taken to ensure that those affected would be provided with temporary accommodation and rest until they can regain stability.

Pay attention to safety and prevention

This incident underscores the importance of safety and prevention in crowded urban communities. All buildings and towers must have strict preventive measures and modern firefighting systems to reduce fire incidents and quickly control them. All residents and users should adhere to safety instructions and be trained on how to act in emergency situations.

Prepare for future challenges

This incident is an opportunity to improve the ability of the Civil Defense and Ajman Police to deal with future challenges. Training and equipment should be strengthened and experience exchanged between the different teams, in addition to joint work with the relevant authorities to enhance safety and security in urban areas.

The ability of the joint teams of Civil Defense and Ajman Police to respond quickly and effectively to tower fires is a strong indication of their ability to protect society and ensure its safety. Safety and fire prevention must be the highest priority in urban management and local legislation, to maintain the safety of residents and property.

Frequently asked questions after conclusion

1. Are there specific preventive measures to reduce fire incidents in the towers?

Yes, the towers must adhere to strict preventive standards that include modern firefighting systems and safety measures for residents and users.

2. How can awareness of the importance of fire safety be raised?

The public should be made aware of the importance of fire safety through media campaigns and distribution of awareness materials, in addition to training and simulating fire incidents.

3. Should training be carried out for the population and users on how to act in an emergency?

Yes, residents and users must receive periodic training on how to act in emergencies and the use of evacuation means and alarms.

4. How can cooperation between the civil defense teams and the police be enhanced in such incidents?

Joint training and exchange of experiences between different teams should be strengthened, in addition to establishing effective coordination mechanisms to deal with fire incidents jointly.

5. Should local authorities periodically assess the safety of towers?

Yes, the safety of the towers should be periodically assessed by the local authorities and measures taken to improve the systems and equipment if necessary.

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