Operation Microscope overthrows an international gang specializing in theft of villas in the UAE


Operation Microscope, which was carried out by the Dubai Police General Command, monitors and follows up the movements and movements of members of an international criminal gang specialized in stealing residential villas and targeting bank customers.

In a related context, the operation began after the police received reports of thefts in villas in Sakina complexes, where they broke the doors and stole sums of money and jewelry during the absence of its residents.

The police formed a special team to follow up on reports and search for suspects, and after investigations, verification and collection of evidence, the identity of 4 persons of the nationality of a Latin American country belonging to the implicated gang was established.

They had left the country before the thefts were reported, and they were pursued internationally, as it was found that they left for one of the countries in the Middle East and then to a neighboring country.

Based on the information and investigations, a raid on the gang’s residence was prepared at zero hour. In an elaborate raid, all gang members were arrested and evidence and stolen items related to the case were seized.

Indeed, the necessary legal measures have been taken against the perpetrators, and they have been referred to the Public Prosecution to follow up the investigations and take the necessary judicial measures.

Operation Microscope is a qualitative achievement of the Dubai Police in combating international organized crime, as careful monitoring and follow-up techniques were used to monitor and control the gang and confront its criminal activities.

The operation was based on extensive intelligence efforts and investigations, and resulted in the arrest of gang members and the seizure of large quantities of contraband and drugs, as well as the dismantling of an international smuggling network.

This process reflects Dubai Police’s commitment to combating crime and dispelling various forms of security threats, and enhances Dubai’s international reputation as a modern and advanced security center.

Monitoring a robbery gang in Dubai through the “Oyoun” program by returning to Dubai

Within the framework of the efforts of the security forces in the United Arab Emirates to combat crime and apprehend those involved in it, Major General Al-Jallaf confirmed that the work team at the Dubai Police General Command was able to monitor the gang members after they entered the country, through the cameras of the “Oyoun” program. They were allowed to enter to be followed up and monitored closely by the field work teams. This is to reveal the presence of people involved with them in previous communications or people who provide them with logistical support within the country, or to reveal the location of the stolen items.

Monitor the gang’s movements

Major General Al-Jallaf confirmed that the work team was able to follow the gang’s movements accurately after placing them under close surveillance 24 hours a day in all the steps they take. Where they went to car rental shops, rented a car and used it to go to residential complexes to monitor and steal villas. After a short while, they swapped the car for another to avoid drawing attention to themselves while they were on the move. All these steps were carried out under the supervision of the investigators.

“eyes” technology

The first chapter: “Oyoun” program and its role in crime monitoring

Dubai Police relies on modern and advanced technology in combating crime, and among this technology is the advanced program “Oyoun”. This program relies on the use of surveillance cameras and remote sensing to monitor criminal activities and suspects. Oyoun is an effective tool for tracking and identifying criminals and combating crime.

Chapter Two: Details of the gang and monitoring its activities

Major General Al-Jallaf confirmed that the work team at the Dubai Police General Command was able to monitor the gang members after they entered the country using the “Oyoun” program. The gang was placed under close surveillance 24 hours a day, as their movements and activities were carefully monitored.

Chapter Three: Using cars to steal villas

The gang visited car rental shops and rented a car to use it to go to residential complexes, monitor and steal villas. The “eyes” software was used to track their movements and identify the gang.

Chapter Four: Switching cars to avoid detection

After a short while, the gang swapped the rental car for another to avoid drawing attention to them while they were on the move. The police team used the “Oyoun” program to track the swapped cars and follow the gang’s movements accurately.

Theft crimes in the United Arab Emirates: How did security measures challenge criminal gangs?

Cases of theft are on the rise in the UAE, as criminals target bank customers and residential homes. However, Major General Al-Jallaf stressed that the strict security measures supervised by the Dubai Police General Command, such as the Crime Prevention Department and the “Home Security” program, have limited the activity of criminal gangs in the country. Despite this, one gang changed the way it carried out its crimes from night to day, targeting bank customers who carry large sums of money. Thanks to the monitoring of the policemen and the seizure of the stolen sums, the gang members were arrested and their involvement in several crimes in several countries was revealed.

Many countries around the world are exposed to the phenomenon of high crime rates, and the United Arab Emirates is one of the countries dealing with this problem. Among the common forms of crime in the country, theft stands out as one of the most prevalent crimes, as criminal gangs target bank customers and residential homes. However, the strict security measures that have been adopted in the Emirates, particularly in the Emirate of Dubai, contribute to limiting the activity of criminal gangs, and reduce the occurrence of these crimes.

Gangs specializing in theft of residential villas: Have the methods of committing crimes evolved?

A number of countries around the world are witnessing an increase in organized theft crimes, which specialize in stealing residential villas. Where luxury villas are a target for these thieves who exploit technology and devise new ways to commit their crimes. In this article, we will discuss the evolution of the methods of committing crimes by gangs specialized in stealing residential villas and how the concerned authorities seek to combat this phenomenon.

Precautionary measures to reduce theft crimes in residential villas

Major General Al-Jallaf confirmed that the gang members were not able this time, after their arrival in the country, to steal any residential villas, thanks to the precautionary measures supervised by the Dubai Police General Command. Where the Crime Prevention Department adopted several measures to reduce the commission of these crimes, including the need for security guards, modern surveillance cameras, and lighting dark articles in residential complexes, in addition to educating and motivating the community to participate in the “Home Security” program that is supervised by the Dubai Police General Command. .

The need to register in the housing security

The Dubai Police General Command encourages citizens and residents to subscribe to the “Smart Home Security” program service through the Dubai Police application on smart phones, and through the Dubai Police website, to enhance security and safety. Major General Al-Jallaf explained that the “Smart Home Security” program service is a preventive security service that aims to protect the public’s homes during their periods of absence, whether inside or outside the country, by monitoring homes through surveillance cameras and sensors.

Brigadier General Muhammad Aqil Ahli, Deputy Director of the General Department of Investigations and Criminal Investigations for Research and Investigation Affairs, stressed the importance of placing surveillance cameras in the vicinity of residential homes, in order to increase security and safety in them. He also urged the owners of residential villas not to violate labor laws by hiring unlicensed workers, using unlicensed companies for maintenance, or relying on unlicensed farmers to supervise home gardens, as these violations increase the chances of exposure to theft. He pointed out that most of the theft reports that were registered are related to these violations.

Caution for bank customers

Major General Al-Jallaf stressed the importance of not carrying large sums of money when customers exit banks, and seeking help from specialized money transfer companies if the sums are large. He stressed the need to always take caution, especially when carrying sums of money on the public street, and to avoid distraction by theft attempts, such as puncturing a car tire.

His Excellency Major General Al-Jallaf appealed to community members to contribute to enhancing security and reducing crime by reporting illegal transgressions through the “Police Eye” service available on the Dubai Police smart application, or by calling the call center 901 or the emergency number 999.

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