The digital government publishes 6 types of visas for all visitors to the UAE


The digital government in the UAE is one of the leading countries in adopting digital technology to improve government services provided to citizens and residents.

As part of its efforts to facilitate state visits for various groups, the digital government has introduced 6 types of visas, including work, treatment, business establishment, tourism and transit visas.

These visas aim to facilitate the visit and provide multiple options for visitors who wish to visit the UAE.

Visa details

The visas offered by the digital government for visitors to the UAE include:

1. Exploring job and business opportunities

The “Explore Employment Opportunities” visa allows foreigners to explore opportunities for work in the UAE.

Holders of this visa can enter the country for one visit only, and stay for up to 60, 90 or 120 days.

This visa is issued without the need for a guarantor or host inside the country. Some conditions are required to obtain this visa, including the presence of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent as a minimum educational level.

2. Exploring business opportunities

The “explore business opportunities” visa allows foreign businessmen to enter the country without the need for a guarantor or host, with the aim of exploring business opportunities.

Holders of this visa can stay in the UAE for up to 180 days, and it allows them to conduct research, study the market, conduct meetings and explore business opportunities.

This visa requires the submission of a detailed and reliable business plan and other documents confirming the person’s ability to establish and run a business in the country.

3. Tourist visa

The “tourist” visa allows visitors to enter the UAE for tourism purposes and enjoy the country’s attractions and events. This visa is granted for a period of up to 30 days, and it can be renewed for another period based on the conditions specified. Holders of this visa are required to obtain financial security and health insurance before entering the country.

4. Medical visa

The “medical” visa allows patients to travel to the UAE to obtain necessary medical treatment. This visa is issued after submitting a detailed medical report confirming the patient’s need for treatment in the UAE, and allows the patient and his companions to stay in the country for the specified treatment period.

5. Family visa

The “family” visa allows family members residing in the UAE to invite close family members to visit them. Holders of this visa can invite spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters to visit for up to 90 days.

6. Visa in case of transit

naturally! In the case of transit, a visa is a document issued to travelers who intend to transit through a country to reach their final destination, and who are in fast, non-stop transit in that country. A transit visa allows travelers to stay at the airport or in specific areas within the country for a limited period without obtaining a full entry permit to the country.

It is important to adhere to the conditions of the visa in the case of transit, including the permitted length of stay, permitted activities and permitted areas of movement.

Visa conditions in the case of transit may differ from one country to another, so it is always preferable to check the visa requirements and conditions before traveling and ensure compliance with them to avoid any problems or unwanted delays during travel.

naturally! Transit visa in the UAE comes in two types: for 48 hours and is free of charge, and another for 96 hours at a cost of only 50 dirhams. It is coordinated by the national airlines of the UAE only.

The visitor must submit the visa application and obtain it before arriving and entering the country, and it cannot be extended or renewed either way.

The following conditions are required: For a 48-hour visa, the validity of the passport or travel document must not be less than three months before entering the UAE, and for the 96-hour visa, the validity of the passport or travel document must not be less than six months before entering the UAE.

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