International Tea Day.. The benefits and harms of the most consumed drink in the Arab countries


True, World Tea Day is celebrated on May 21 of each year, and it is an important occasion to highlight the importance of tea in world cultures and its health and social benefits. This day was adopted by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly in 2019, with the aim of enhancing people’s understanding of tea traditions and cultures and their civilizational and social role. Tea is a symbol of hospitality and social connection in many cultures, and the day is celebrated to promote values ​​of tolerance and global cooperation.

Tea is a popular drink loved in Arab countries and around the world, and on the occasion of the celebration of International Tea Day, we review the benefits and harms of this famous drink.

Benefits of tea:

Tea leaves contain antioxidants that help protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals and promote a healthy immune system.
Drinking tea may help improve awareness and focus thanks to its caffeine and lecithin content.
The anti-inflammatory components of tea can relieve body pain and promote recovery after fatigue and physical exertion.
Green tea may help reduce levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood and thus contribute to cardiovascular health.
Black tea is believed to contain compounds that may help improve bowel function and promote digestive health.

Tea damage:

Tea contains caffeine, which if taken in large quantities may lead to sleep disturbances, anxiety, and increased heart rate.
Consuming hot tea may cause burns to the mouth and esophagus if its temperature is not controlled before drinking it.
Tea contains compounds called tannins, which may interfere with the absorption of certain minerals such as iron from food.
Drinking tea in large quantities should be avoided during pregnancy, as it may affect the absorption of iron and cause a deficiency.
Keeping in mind moderate and balanced tea consumption, its health benefits can be enjoyed. However, people with special health conditions or taking certain medications should consult a physician before consuming tea in large quantities.

Celebration of World Tea Day

True, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) decided to adopt the idea of ​​celebrating World Tea Day in 2019. The United Nations designated May 21 to celebrate this annual event. Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in most countries of the world, and this day is celebrated to express the value of tea and to promote awareness of its health and cultural benefits. The celebration of International Tea Day aims to encourage global understanding and cooperation and to promote tea culture in various societies.

The goal of celebrating World Tea Day

A decision was taken by the United Nations to celebrate World Tea Day with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of tea from a historical, cultural and economic point of view, and highlighting its role in fighting hunger and poverty. This celebration also seeks to strengthen promotion and strengthen collective cooperation to carry out activities to promote sustainable production and consumption of tea.

Celebrating World Tea Day on December 15 of each year

It should be noted that some tea-producing countries celebrate “International Tea Day” on December 15 of each year, starting in 2005. Among these countries: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malawi, Malaysia, Uganda, India, Tanzania, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Kenya.

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