An Asian broke into a Gulf house with his scrap car and stole all its contents – Al-Nasr Newspaper


Incidents of theft and vandalism of homes are very disturbing, as they cause the victim to suffer great material losses and leave negative psychological effects on the affected residents of the house.

In an unfortunate incident, an Asian suspect entered a Gulf house by Scrap Company car and stole all the contents of the house.

Incident detail:

According to the lawsuit, the Asian defendant entered the victim’s house using a scrap car, and loaded and transported all the contents of the house, including windows, electrical and sanitary installations, heaters, air conditioners, and aluminum decorations. The victim suffered heavy material losses because of this audacious theft.

The psychological and physical effects of the victim:

The victim’s psychological and material effects are an unfortunate part of that crime. In addition to the large financial losses incurred by the victim, he also suffers from negative psychological effects such as feelings of resentment, turmoil, fear, and loss of security in his own home.

Investigation and accusations:

The incident was investigated and the Asian accused admitted his accusations against him. In the criminal court session, a judgment was issued to imprison the accused for a period of three months, and the implementation of the sentence was postponed for a period of three years, but the accused appealed the verdict, and his appeal was accepted and the first ruling was rejected, after which the prosecution filed an appeal against the appealed verdict.

Final verdict:

After the appeal, the final ruling was issued rejecting the appeal and upholding the previous ruling that imprisoned the accused for three months, and thus the ruling became enforceable, and accordingly the sentence was executed.

Civil trial:

Not only was the issue of judgment limited, but also a civil case related to compensation. The victim applied for financial compensation for the value of the contents stolen by the accused.

Although the application was partially granted, the court rejected the application for compensation for losses resulting from the failure to rent the villa since the incident.

Judgment and compensation:

The District Court issued a ruling obligating the accused to pay an amount of 54,621 dirhams as compensation to the victim for the damages incurred. Other claims submitted by the victim were rejected, and the accused was charged with trial costs and attorney’s fees.

In conclusion, theft and vandalism in the home may cause significant negative effects on the victim, whether on the physical or psychological level, and the loss of contents and the destruction of personal items cause psychological pain that cannot be easily compensated. Therefore, criminals must be punished and obligated to compensate the damage incurred by the victim.

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