In Saudi Arabia..a terrifying snake enters the stomach of a raging camel while it is alive, and when it settles in its guts, a surprise of heavy caliber occurs


Recently, a video went viral on social media that confused activists. The video shows two people performing the strange behavior of inserting a small snake into their guts.

People reacted to this scene with great variance, as some expressed their disgust and condemnation of these actions, while others supported the idea that they were suffering from a disease and were using an unconventional treatment for this disease.

In this article, we’ll explore the reason behind this strange behavior and the differing opinions of activists about it.

Possible explanations for the strange behavior

There are several possible explanations for the bizarre behavior presented by the two people in the video. Among these explanations:

1. Snake physiotherapy

Both people may think that inserting a small snake into their gut is an effective natural remedy for some ailments. Some ancient cultures and traditions consider this type of alternative therapies to be effective in improving health and wellness. It may be that both people resort to this therapy based on their personal beliefs and culture.

2. Provocation and attention-grabbing

The strange behavior of the two characters may simply be an attempt to provoke people and draw attention to them. In the age of social media, people can be filled with curiosity and the need to share content that is quirky and unconventional.

3. Psychological or psychological influence

The strange behavior of the two people can be caused by mental or psychological illnesses. Some people may behave unusually or perform strange actions due to mental disorders such as mania or hallucinations. Both people may be suffering from a certain disease that affects their decisions and behavior.

Snake as a natural remedy

In some cultures and traditions, the medicinal use of snakes is common. Snakebites are believed to contain natural ingredients that may have positive effects on health. These effects include improving circulation, relieving pain, and promoting healing. However, it should be noted that the use of snakes in therapy requires professionalism and consideration of health safety.

Possible diseases that both people suffer from

There are several diseases that can suffer from the two people who have strange behavior by inserting the snake in their guts. Some of these diseases include:

1. Anxiety and stress disorders

Both people may suffer from anxiety and stress disorders that lead to making strange decisions and doing unusual behavior. Using snakes in this case can be an attempt to relieve anxiety and stress.

2. Psychological and mental disorders

Both people may suffer from psychological or mental disorders that affect their thinking and behavior. The use of snakes can be part of the symptoms of these disorders or an attempt to relieve mental suffering.

3. Physical illnesses

Both people may suffer from certain physical ailments that require special treatment. Both people may believe that inserting a snake into their gut will improve their health or help them recover.

Responses and comments to the video

After the video spread, people reacted differently to the strange scene in which the two people appear entering the snake in their guts. Comments and responses by activists varied, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Denunciation and disgust

Many have expressed their disapproval and disgust at the scene shown in the video. They considered this behavior unnatural and not related to medical treatment, which aroused their resentment and condemnation.

2. Encouragement and support

On the other hand, some supported the idea that the two people suffer from a disease and are doing an unconventional treatment for this disease. They thought that things should not be judged quickly without knowing the full facts.

Pro-treatment activists

There is a group of activists who support the idea of ​​​​using snakes in medicine and believe that it has health benefits. They may attribute this to traditional natural remedies and ancient beliefs that confirm the effectiveness of using snakes in some cases.

Activists opposed to exotic therapy

On the other hand, there are activists who oppose the idea of ​​using snakes in therapy and see it as a dangerous and unsafe procedure. They may stress the importance of the most advanced medical treatment and correct medical guidance for diseases and health conditions.

Social media influence

This incident not only affected the activists and followers, but also the social media itself. The video spread very quickly and sparked widespread confusion and controversy. This may have a significant impact on future social behaviors and trends.

Doctors and medical guidance

It is important to seek the help of doctors and obtain the necessary medical guidance before making any decision regarding health treatment. People who suffer from health problems should contact the specialized doctors to evaluate their condition and direct them to the appropriate medical methods.

Proper use of alternative therapy

If you are considering using alternative therapies such as using snakes, you should be careful and consult certified experts in this field. Alternative treatment should be done under strict medical supervision and control to ensure the person’s safety and avoid health risks.

In the end, the strange behavior of the two people and the insertion of the snake in their guts remains baffling to many. This video may have negative and positive effects on public opinion and social attitudes. We should always be careful and responsible when using alternative therapies and ensure their safety and efficacy through appropriate medical advice.

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