After losing her eye… Sarah Mohammed’s blogger followers were overwhelmed with joy after learning of this news.


In good news for her followers, the famous blogger Sarah Muhammad announced her engagement through her personal account on Instagram. This step came after a period of anticipation and tension due to the events that took place in her personal life.

News of blogger sermon Sarah Muhammad

In a surprising and joyful announcement, blogger Sarah Muhammad announced her engagement again. Sarah posted pictures of her and her fiancé on her personal page on Instagram, and expressed her happiness and thanks to God for this blessing.

She indicated that circumstances had kept her away from her fiancé, but the incident she faced brought them together again. At the end of the ad, Sarah Muhammad invited her followers to read Al-Fatihah.

Followers’ reactions to the news

After the announcement of Sarah Muhammad’s sermon, congratulations and blessings poured in from her followers. They expressed their great joy and prayed for her happiness and prosperity in her next life. Sarah is a beloved person for many, and they contacted her with messages of congratulations and support, which gave her a great impetus to continue her career.

Prosthetic eye installation video:

Earlier, Sarah Muhammad shared a video on social media documenting the moment she installed an artificial eye in the place of her eye, which was destroyed by the accident she was subjected to.

The video was a strong message from Sarah Mohamed to her followers, as she showed them her strength and determination to overcome the challenges she faced. This step proved to everyone that she is able to adapt to difficult situations and turn them into an opportunity for growth and development.

Details about blogger Sarah Mohamed:

She left her home and the reason for leaving: Sarah Muhammad decided to leave her previous home and move to another place. This decision raised questions from followers about the reasons behind this move.

Despite rumors that she had moved to an orphanage, Sarah denied these allegations and explained that she made this decision because of her inability to live in the place where she was abused.

Psychological and neurological crisis: After losing her sight and being abandoned by her fiancé after the accident, Sarah was subjected to a major psychological and nervous crisis. She was having difficulty coping with these sudden changes in her life. However, she was able to overcome this crisis and turn it into an incentive to achieve success and excellence in her field of work.

Sarah Mohamed’s fame on social media: Sarah Mohamed is considered one of the most famous bloggers on social media. She has achieved wide fame thanks to her diverse and distinctive content in the field of fashion, fashion, and cosmetics. She is distinguished by her unique and fun style of presenting content, which makes her the focus of attention of many young men and women. who are eagerly watching.

Number of followers on Instagram and Tik Tok: The number of followers of Sarah Mohamed on Instagram and Tik Tok is about 500,000, which reflects the popularity and attractiveness of her content and the trust she enjoys with her fans.

Place of residence: Sarah Mohamed lives in Alexandria, a historical and beautiful city in Egypt. Sarah finds inspiration in the beauty of the place and uses it to produce content that inspires and enriches the lives of her followers.

The type of content you provide: Sarah Mohamed is a great source of content related to fashion, fashion, and cosmetics. She shares valuable tips and advice for girls and helps them achieve their best looks. She has an interesting and simple style of presenting

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