What is the healthy period for children in front of screens and electronic games?..Important advice


New research reveals that four out of five parents believe devices aid their child’s development, but how much screen time is healthy? Guidelines for reducing screen time for children for health, psychological, and educational benefits.

Many parents believe that technology and devices are essential to a child’s development, but could things really go so far? How much screen time a child should spend is a question being asked not only by worried parents but also psychologists, health organizations and even governments.

Here, you can read a collection of expert tips for managing kids’ screen time, and their warnings and tips on the dangers of recreational screen time, especially before bed.

This was particularly relevant when families had to avoid regular social contact but remain true to themselves at all times. Social distancing and self-isolation at home showed an almost two-fold increase in children’s phone screen time, according to POSCO, an online and social activity-monitoring app for children and teens.

According to Bosco, the number of messages in WhatsApp groups for children is now five times more than it was before the lockdown, and for teens aged 13 and over, it is now 7.5 times more than before the coronavirus crisis began, Bosco reports.

A Harris Poll conducted in August 2020 found that nearly seven in ten parents of children ages 5 to 17 said their children’s screen time had increased, and they felt they had “no other choice but to allow it.”

Children average an extra hour and a half of screen time per day on school days, not counting usage at school.

The British Psychological Society warns that “too much screen time for young children can inadvertently cause permanent damage to their developing brains after the ability to concentrate, concentrate, pay attention, sense and communicate with others, and build a large vocabulary – all of which are damaged. ”

However, child psychologists are now warning that the months of solitude are likely to have serious emotional consequences for children, especially in the case of an only child.

Penelope Leach, bestselling author of You and Your Baby, previously said it would be best for children under two to have no screen time at all, but now realizes that “we’re in a state of flux.”

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