An exceptional job is available to everyone, with a salary of 18,000 euros, to sleep on the bed.. Apply now


Scientists in the French city of Toulouse have offered an exceptional opportunity for people who love to sleep and want to experience unparalleled comfort. An attractive sum of 18,000 euros has been offered to a person who monitors sleep on a bed for two consecutive months. In addition, he must spend an additional month doing some Research inside a space clinic.

Sleep is one of the most basic needs of the human body and mind. If you love sleep and are looking for an opportunity to rest and relax, then this tempting and tempting job with a huge salary may be the opportunity that awaits you.

Scientific research and improvement of living conditions in space

This tempting offer attracted many people interested in scientific research and space. More than 3,000 people volunteered, of whom only 12 were selected to participate in this important research. The aim of this research is to simulate the zero-gravity situation in space to contribute to improving the living conditions of astronauts during their missions.

Unique search details

This study relies on placing the volunteer in a position lying on his back in a model that simulates the effect of zero gravity in space, where the volunteer’s head is placed lower than his feet. The research requires that the volunteer stay inside the space clinic for a period of 3 months, including 60 days lying on his back. In addition, the research includes sitting inside a centrifuge and cycling while lying down.

The expected effects and the importance of the research

Commenting on this unique research, Marie-Pierre Barilly, Head of the Space Clinic, said: “The study we are doing here uses a model that simulates the effect of zero gravity on the human body. This model allows us to understand the effects of zero gravity that astronauts experience when they are in space.” .

For her part, French researcher Audrey Berguignan pointed out the importance of this research, saying: “We really realize that we are in the real space exploration stage. We aspire to travel to Mars and the Moon, and this is not a fantasy anymore. Micro gravity affects all of our physiological systems.”

Sponsorship of volunteers and researchers

According to Al, the 12 volunteers participating in the research are being monitored by approximately 100 people, including caregivers and researchers.

Take advantage of this great opportunity

If you are interested in space and scientific research and would like to have a unique experience and potentially earn a large amount of money, then you should consider this great opportunity. This research could be the first step towards achieving your dreams and participation in space exploration.

Get ready for the space exploration journey

Remember, this research will provide you with a unique experience and the opportunity to contribute to improving living conditions in space. This opportunity may be a door to greater opportunities in the future, and to enhance our understanding of the effects of microgravity on the human body.

Get ready for a unique experience and take advantage of the chance to win big!

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