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The story of a British groom who was betrayed by his bride and went beyond the ordinary in his revenge on her.

The story is known about a British groom whose bride betrayed him with his friend, who was present at the wedding party to witness the course of events instead of being considered a guest, and according to what was mentioned on the Wales Online website, the groom discovered that his fiancée was cheating on him, but he decided to keep the matter secret and not end the relationship with them Or cancel the wedding, hence the idea of ​​publicly humiliating them.

Demonic Innovative Revenge

The wedding was organized normally, and relatives and friends from both sides gathered to celebrate the newlyweds. At one point, the groom stood up and asked the attendees to open the envelopes that had been distributed. When the attendees opened the envelopes, a surprise of a lifetime was waiting for them. Intimate photos of the bride and her cheating boyfriend appeared.

reaction and effect

After that, the groom put the microphone aside and left the ceremony with his family, amidst the shock and amazement of the audience, and according to the site, the groom’s goal of this behavior was to force the bride’s family to bear the costs of the ceremony, which was achieved in the end.

According to the site, this incident sparked wide reactions by people, as they praised the intelligence of the deceived groom and his creativity in behaving. The story was widely circulated on social media platforms and was praised by many.

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