Emirates Police arrests a twenty-year-old girl after revealing herself – Al-Nasr Newspaper


A young Arab woman in her twenties went to a police station in Dubai to inquire about her friend who had been seized by the competent authorities, but the policemen noticed her unusual behavior and suspected her of drug use.

When the young woman was interrogated, she confessed to using the crystal drug, she was subjected to an examination to ensure the validity of her confession, and after it was proven that she used drugs, legal measures were taken against her, she was tried in the misdemeanor court and was punished with a fine and deportation.

Drug-related crimes are considered serious crimes that require immediate legal intervention, and when policemen reveal unusual behavior of individuals, this generates suspicion of drug abuse, the story of a young Arab woman who voluntarily went to the police station to inquire about her friend and how her drug use was discovered through her confusion and behavior abnormal.

Confusion and suspicion

When the twenty-year-old Arab woman was directed to the police station in Dubai to inquire about her friend who had been arrested, the policemen noticed that she appeared to be in an abnormal state, she was expressing inconsistent behavior and slurred speech, which raised suspicions of the policemen about her use of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances. They interrogated The young woman found out the reason for her strange behavior, and it didn’t take long for her to admit that she had taken the crystal drug.

legal procedures

After the young woman admitted that she used drugs, she was referred to the Public Prosecution in Dubai and then to the Misdemeanor Court. According to the recent amendments in the Federal Law for Combating Narcotic Substances, drug use is punishable by a fine and deportation of the accused from the country. The young woman was interrogated in court and was punished with a fine of 5,000 dirhams. She was removed from the country.

Certain evidence and court ruling

The court based its ruling on certain evidence that indicates the young woman’s drug use. A sample was taken from the young woman for analysis, and it was found that the crystal drug was in her body.

In addition, the young woman admitted to using drugs in the Public Prosecution investigations. Based on this evidence, the court ruled the conviction of the young woman in accordance with Federal Decree No. 30 of 2021 and its amendments related to combating narcotic and psychotropic substances.

In the end, this story illustrates the danger that drug abuse can pose to individuals and society, and reminds us of the importance of the role of the police in detecting drug use and applying the law firmly. We have to be careful and report any person suspected of drug use to the competent authorities, to preserve the safety of society. And combat this serious crime.

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