Dubai.. Divorce a woman after witnessing this inappropriate behavior between her husband and his friend


In a shocking case, the Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a first instance court ruling to divorce an Arab woman due to inappropriate behavior on the part of her husband and his friend. Surveillance cameras, and the matter did not stop at that, but the wife was also physically affected by the husband.

Some other rulings were ruled in the original case, but the vision issue that was on the table between the spouses was canceled, and an amount of 13 thousand dirhams was deducted from the total amount due to the wife, and a cost of living service and a monthly transportation allowance of 1000 dirhams was also decided, and the appealed ruling was amended To increase the alimony for the wife and the children, as the alimony for the wife was increased to 2,200 dirhams per month, and the alimony for the children to 1,800 dirhams per month.

This case reveals the story of an Arab woman who filed a lawsuit before the Personal Status Court in Dubai, where she demanded a divorce because of the damage she suffered as a result of her husband’s mistreatment. She was beaten and insulted and was expelled from the marital home.

During her vacation in her country, she opened the home cameras that she used to monitor her daughter while she was at work, but she was surprised by an inappropriate scene where she saw the husband’s friend in her bedroom with a woman other than his wife, while the husband was in the living room.

The plaintiff’s lawyer stated that she interrupted her vacation to find out what was happening in her house and was surprised that it was polluted by the husband and his friends, and when she confronted him about that, she was beaten and insulted, and she was divorced for the second time.

The plaintiff resorted to family reconciliation in the Personal Status Court in Dubai in an attempt to resolve the dispute amicably, but this was not possible, and accordingly, the case was filed, but no agreement was reached between the two parties even in the conciliation court.

For his part, the husband denied the charges against him and confirmed that the problems had recurred between them and that the wife had left the house more than once. for bank transfers as proof. He called on the court to prove the facts and conduct the necessary investigations to confirm that.

After examining the case, the court decided to pay 50,000 dirhams as the cost of the dowry, a housing alimony of 6,000 dirhams, a monthly spousal alimony of 2,000 dirhams, granting custody of the child to the wife, sponsoring paternity at a value of 1,600 dirhams, and paying 45,000 dirhams as an annual rent for housing in addition to Providing suitable furniture for the wife worth 10 thousand dirhams, giving her 500 dirhams per month as support for the custody of the child, and the husband’s commitment to provide a health card for the child.

However, the court rejected the wife’s request to pay 120,000 dirhams as a sum of money for pleasure, because the divorce took place as a result of the harm suffered by her and not as a result of the husband’s will. The court also ordered that the husband be granted the right to meet the child once a week in a public place.

The court concluded by issuing its final ruling, which upheld the first court’s decision to divorce the wife based on the inappropriate behavior of the husband and his friend. In addition, the court amended the appealed ruling and increased spousal and filiation maintenance. Based on the final ruling, the husband must pay 2,200 dirhams per month for spousal support and 1,800 dirhams per month. Dirhams per month for filiation.

This ruling is an important decision in the legal field, as it protects women’s rights in cases of inappropriate behavior on the part of the husband and his friend. It also stresses the importance of family reform and the attempt to resolve disputes amicably before going to the courts. It is worth noting that this ruling may set a judicial precedent and affect the Legal standards used in similar cases in the future.

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