Your comprehensive guide to car insurance in Kuwait for the new year 2023


Car insurance is one of the basic things that car owners in Kuwait are looking for. The insurance provides great protection for the car against potential damages and risks while driving. The insurance also covers the financial costs resulting from damages resulting from traffic accidents and traffic violations.

Many individuals are looking for the best and cheapest option to insure their cars in Kuwait, as this option is available through Kuwait Car Insurance, and this company provides various insurance solutions suitable for the needs of each individual.

Therefore, car owners in Kuwait should consider insurance and register their cars with the Kuwait Auto Insurance Company to ensure the protection and safety of their cars and save them from potential risks.

Register your car in Kuwait Auto Insurance

  1. Visit the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior portal
  2. Click on the Kuwait Auto Insurance Renewal link.
  3. Click on Appointment Platform, located on the home page.
  4. Click on the “Traffic and Operations” tab.
  5. Enter your civil number in the space provided for it.
  6. Click on the “Select” button and select the category.
  7. Select “Service Requester Persona”.
  8. Click on the “Transactions” menu, then select “Traffic Affairs”.
  9. Select the “Vehicle Licensing” service.
  10. Choose the province and place of the transaction.
  11. Click on the “Enter data” button.

Get the necessary insurance for your car in Kuwait Auto Insurance.

Car insurance is very important for car owners in Kuwait, as they need to insure their cars to protect them from financial fines and traffic violations that may reach an exorbitant value, and to protect themselves and their family members in the event of an accident. Kuwaiti car owners can choose to insure their cars from several types, including:

  • Comprehensive Insurance: Comprehensive insurance includes coverage for all damages that the driver or passengers may suffer, including physical damage to the vehicle and bodily harm to people.
  • Third Party Insurance: Third party insurance includes coverage for damages suffered by others in the event of an accident, including material and physical damage.
  • Compulsory Insurance: Kuwait’s Traffic Law requires Kuwaiti car owners to obtain compulsory insurance that covers compensation for bodily injury or death in a traffic accident.
  • Personal Insurance: Personal insurance includes coverage for the medical and medical expenses of the driver and passengers in the event of an accident.

There are two types of car insurance in the State of Kuwait

  • Comprehensive insurance: which obliges the insurance contractor to repair the damages and malfunctions caused by the insured car, in addition to repairing all the damages suffered by the insured car, i.e. repairing all the damages to all cars involved in the accident, and this insurance is optional for all cars and not compulsory.
  • As for third party insurance: which is also called compulsory insurance, which obliges the company to repair damages and breakdowns caused by the insured car.

Car insurance costs in Kuwait

  • Car insurance costs vary, as it corresponds to several criteria such as the type of car, its date of issue, or the date of purchase of the car. Generally, the most effective insurance costs range between 35 to 41 dinars for two years and 52 to 61 dinars for 3 years, and accordingly, car owners can , enroll in Kuwait auto insurance, through the most cost-effective insurance that suits their financial condition.

After entering the Kuwait Insurance website, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the vehicle data to be insured, such as make, model, year of manufacture, and plate number.
  2. Compare the offers available for insurance from different insurance companies, and choose the most cost-effective offer.
  3. Fill in the registration form and confirm your personal data and payment information.
  4. Once the registration procedures are completed, you will receive a barcode that must be brought to the Traffic Department to complete the insurance renewal procedures.
  5. You can register for the most effective Kuwait auto insurance easily through the Internet, without the need to visit any place or office of the insurance company.
  6. Then, you can go to the comparison page of different insurance offers, and see a breakdown of coverage and cost for each option.
  7. Then you can choose the offer that suits you and complete the registration and payment process through the site.
  8. You can also contact customer service for more information and assistance in choosing the best car insurance for you.

The Kuwaiti car insurance renewal link is

  • and can be easily accessed online. The car owner can register, update his insurance information, and obtain insurance offers from accredited Kuwaiti insurance companies in a quick and easy way. This link can help save time and effort for car owners and update their insurance easily.

To get the cheapest car insurance in Kuwait, you can use one of the following methods to communicate:

Contact Al-Othman Insurance Brokerage Company on WhatsApp.

Call 66200519 to get the cheapest insurance rates in the State of Kuwait.

It is true that there are many insurance companies in Kuwait that provide car insurance services and occupy a prominent position in the insurance market, including:

Wethaq Takaful Insurance Company.

  • A national financial institution that is not a Takaful depository.
  • Zurich insurance company.
  • Gulf Insurance Company.
  • Warba office.
  • National insurance company.
  • Enaya Insurance Company.
  • Kuwait Insurance Company.

The car insurance law in Kuwait is represented in Article “4” and the provisions of this law apply to types of insurance and subsequent reinsurance, and to life and fund-raising insurance operations, as well as general insurance and property insurance. Car insurance can be obtained through local and foreign insurance companies and insurance companies. Brokerage in insurance and reinsurance.

In the event that the driver is late in renewing the car book, he must pay a fine for not renewing the car book in Kuwait, amounting to five dinars, and the fine can be paid within the Traffic Violations Investigation Department when the book is renewed.

In summary, the necessary information about car insurance in Kuwait was presented, where the available insurance companies and local and foreign complexes were clarified, in addition to methods of communication to obtain the cheapest car insurance in Kuwait and how to renew the car book. The car insurance law in Kuwait and related fines were also explained, It also explained how to obtain car insurance at reasonable and competitive prices, which helps all car owners to make the best decision regarding their car insurance.

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