Assistant coaches announce the dismissal of Kevin McCarthy and Blaine Forsyth


Many sports reports talked about the Washington, D.C., ice hockey team announcing on Monday the dismissal of Kevin McCarthy, assistant goalkeeping coach, and Blaine Forsyth, assistant coach for strong play, as part of a shift in the team’s coaching staff.

Forsyth has held various positions on the team over the past 17 years, starting as a video coach and then rising to be an amateur scout and finally an assistant power play coach. McCarthy spent three years with the Capitals in addition to serving with Laviolette’s former teams and won a Stanley Cup in 2006.

The team announced the return of four employees to the team next season, including the goalkeeping coach, assistant coach, video coach and coordinator responsible for the video. The team’s general manager confirmed that he would like to thank Kevin and Blaine for their efforts and contributions during their time serving the Capitals and wished them well for the future.

McCarthy added, “We thank Kevin and Blaine for their dedicated efforts and contribution to the team’s success during their time in Washington. We are proud to be part of the Capitals family and wish them well in their future.”

The Capitals team is scheduled to appoint a new coach within the next few weeks, as the team seeks to return to the competition for the cup again after its exit from the first round of the tournament last season.

The Capitals team features many great stars, including Alex Ovechkin, John Carlson and Nick Beckstrom, and has been one of the powerhouses in the National Hockey League over the past decades, and the team looks forward to continuing to achieve success and outperform its competitors in the coming seasons.

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