Saudi Arabia decides to close the most famous market in Jeddah, “the rockets.” Learn about other alternative markets


The Saudi authorities decided to close the missile market in the city of Jeddah, due to the many fires that broke out in one of the famous Jeddah markets, known as “the missiles.” In addition, the Jeddah Municipality monitored multiple violations within the missile market.

In the following report, Al-Nasr Newspaper reviews other alternative markets for the missile market in Jeddah.

A decision was taken by the Saudi authorities to close the missile market in the city of Jeddah, due to the occurrence of repeated accidents inside it. Several violations were observed, including frequent fires that affected the safety of citizens and non-compliance with safety guidelines.

The rocket market in Jeddah is considered one of the largest popular markets, as it extends over an area of ​​9 kilometers. This market is an important source of income in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the value of missile market sales, according to estimates by experts and investors, is estimated at about $400 million annually. Sales increase during weekends and peak periods.

Alternative markets for the rocket market in Jeddah

Saudi newspapers covered a number of markets similar to the missile market in Jeddah, including the following:

1- The Syrian Market

The Syrian market is characterized by the availability of a variety of clothes of different fabrics, and their prices range, due to the diversity of the products offered. The prices of the Syrian market vary and are suitable for all segments of society, which is similar to the situation in the missile market in Jeddah before it was closed.

2- Bedouin Market

The name Bedouin Market indicates that it focuses on selling products related to Bedouin life, and is famous for its stalls, tents, and vendors who sell their products on wooden tables. The Bedouin market specializes in selling popular foods that were prepared in homes, in addition to tea and ancient Saudi heritage drinks that distinguished the Bedouin people from the residents of other regions in the Kingdom.

3- Old Town Market

Souk Al-Balad Al-Qadima is characterized by the availability of luxurious and varied fabrics that may be difficult to find in other markets. It includes types of fabrics that bear the old Saudi heritage character. In addition, the old Al-Balad market is similar to the rocket market in Jeddah.

4- Qabil Al Shaabi Market

The popular Qabil market is characterized by the availability of products of high quality and medium prices, and it is suitable for all classes of Saudi society. The Qabil market is of no less importance than the market

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