Saudi passports exempt 6 categories of expatriates from accompanying fees permanently, and for this reason!!


The Saudi passports announced new facilities aimed at alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian people who are officially residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This is within the framework of the assistance provided by Saudi Arabia to the Palestinian people after the meeting of the 33rd session of leaders of Arab countries, which was held in Jeddah and focused on the issue of Palestine.

According to the clarifications of the Saudi passports, the Palestinian children and wife of the Palestinian resident residing in the Kingdom will not pay the accompanying fees. Six categories have been identified that are exempt from these fees:

  1. Only the resident’s first wife and male children under the age of 18.
  2. Unmarried girls, domestic workers and liberal professions.
  3. Saudi children from a foreign husband and individuals residing in Saudi Arabia but from outside the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
  4. Small businesses of four or fewer people.
  5. Persons of Palestinian nationality and Turkestan nationality.
  6. Residents of the Federation of Myanmar and Balochi.

These facilities come within the framework of the continuous efforts made by Saudi Arabia to help the Palestinian people and alleviate their suffering.

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