Saudi decisions, the first of their kind, made the newcomers fly with joy! – Al-Nasr Newspaper


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken many steps, decisions and measures aimed at better organizing and regulating the affairs of the country’s population. The decisions taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to protect the rights and dignity of expatriates and expatriates working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are detailed as follows:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia bears the fees for licensing industrial facilities for at least 5 years, and it continues until 2024. Employers are prohibited from keeping documents related to the residence of a foreigner, and workers and employers will not be allowed to do so. Maintain employee insurance files. After the approval of the employer.

The Ministry of Health made the latest Saudi decision regarding foreigners, shortening the payment period for age-related violations for applicants and compulsory collection of these fines.

• It was also decided to deprive employees of their compensation after dismissing them from work if the warnings issued to them are valid. Accountants – Buyers – Senior Accountants – Nurses – Dental Consultants – Doctors – Pharmacists – Suppliers). New Saudi Passport Resolutions 1444

The Saudi Passports Authority has taken previous decisions, especially those related to foreigners residing in the Kingdom. A number of important decisions, including: – The Saudi Ministry of Labor gives expatriates the opportunity to change jobs.

Other sources announced that the accompanying fees will stop at 800 Saudi riyals. Others mentioned that many expatriates returned home to take up 20 jobs and announced that they wanted to reduce the financial burden on foreign workers. In terms of guardianship fees, these categories include:

Resident wives.

• Saudi children whose father is not Saudi.

• Internal employees.

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• Immigrants from the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council

• Companies with less than 5 employees are tax exempt.

• Advertise any company with more than 9 employees. 4 of them are free.

Expatriate labor service fees 1444/2023

The opening ceremony of the Chamber of Commerce was held in the presence of many Saudi businessmen. New decisions regarding expatriate labor costs, including: Announcing the expatriate compensation system in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Per month.

For this year, fees are expected to range between 700 and 800 SAR.

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