After amending the Nationality Law, these are the conditions and papers required for “residents and expatriate workers” to obtain Saudi nationality


Amending the Nationality Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recently, a Royal Decree was issued approving the amendment of Article 8 of the Nationality Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The amendment included the transfer of powers to grant Saudi nationality to those born inside the Kingdom of a foreign father and a Saudi mother, provided that the required conditions are met, from the Minister of Interior to the Prime Minister.

The amendment provided for replacing the phrase “by a decision of the Minister of Interior” with the phrase “by order of the Prime Minister,” Prince Muhammad bin Salman, based on the proposal of the Minister of Interior, according to what was published by the official Umm Al-Qura newspaper.

Conditions for granting citizenship to those born inside the Kingdom of a foreign father

According to Article No. 9 of the Saudi Nationality Law, Saudi Arabian nationality may be granted to a foreigner who meets a number of the following conditions:-

  • He must have reached the age of majority when applying for Saudi Arabian citizenship.
  • He must have acquired residency status for at least 10 consecutive years in the Kingdom.
  • To be healthy in mind and body.
  • He must be of good conduct, and he must not have been sentenced to imprisonment for a moral crime for a period exceeding 6 months.
  • He must be one of the professions needed by the country, except for those who were born in the Kingdom to a foreign mother and an unknown father.
  • To prove his earnings through legal means.
  • To be fluent in speaking, reading and writing Arabic.
  • Papers and documents required to obtain Saudi nationality

With regard to the papers and documents required when submitting an application for obtaining Saudi nationality, the naturalization applicant must submit the following documents:

Residence permit :-

  • Passport, or any document issued by the competent authorities confirming the identity of the applicant.
  • Any document related to the nationality to which the applicant belongs.
  • Any document that supports the information required in accordance with the provisions of this system.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity and obtain Saudi citizenship

After this new amendment in the Saudi Nationality Law, people born in the Kingdom of foreign fathers and Saudi mothers can apply for Saudi nationality. By meeting the required conditions, you can now complete the procedures for obtaining citizenship and enjoy citizenship rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For more information and details, it is advised to contact the concerned authorities to provide assistance and guidance in this regard. Take advantage of this opportunity, obtain Saudi citizenship, and enjoy a stable future and new opportunities in the Kingdom.

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